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Top Boy is a British crime drama series aired on the Channel 4 network, and the show has been a fan favourite ever since. It has been a decade since the show was released, and five series for Top Boy have been released.

The two centres around Dushane and Sully, who are both drug dealers. The two have a gang along with which they have been involved in both drug dealing and gang violence in one of the world’s biggest cities, London. The series started airing in 2011 and has received endless appreciation from fans since then.

Will Top Boy get a sixth season? If so, do you want to know more details about it? Well, then, read this article to know all about the sixth season of Top Boy and its details, like its release date, renewal status, cast, trailer, and storyline!

What is the renewal status of Top Boy Season 6?

Top Boy is a British crime drama series featuring two drug dealers who end up in a world of gang violence and more. It is set in the Summerhouse estate of London. The franchise has five series as of now. The latest series has released five seasons, and fans are eager to learn whether a sixth season will be on the way.

Much to everyone’s disappointment, the show’s creator has decided not to release a sixth season for the show. The show has been cancelled because the creator felt it had stayed past its welcome.

What is the release date of Top Boy Season 6?

Top Boy Season 6
Top Boy Season 6

Top Boy is a British crime drama franchise that has released five series. The franchise first started airing its first series in 2011. The producers have now cancelled the show, and will not be releasing a sixth season soon.

The show has no release date because it has not been renewed for a new season. However, spin-offs of the show might be released soon.

Who will star in the Top Boy Season 6 Cast?

Top Boy has a lot of talented actors and actresses that made the show the success that it has become.

Ashley Walters plays Dushane, one of the co-founders of the Summerhouse gang drug empire. Kane Robinson plays Sully, who is Dushane’s childhood friend. He is also the co-founder of the Summerhouse gang. Shone Romulus plays Dris, also a part of the Summerhouse gang. He is a family man who is a single parent to a girl named Erin because her mother, Mandy, was locked up in prison.

Malcolm Kamulete plays Ra’Nell, a Summerhouse school student, a cannabis dealer, and a talented soccer player. Giacomo Mancini covers the screen as Gem, Ra’Nell’s best friend and a fellow student. Sharon Duncan-Brewster portrays the role of Lisa, Ra’Nell’s mother, and she has a genuine concern for him. She disagrees with Ra’Nell’s lifestyle. Kierston Wareing covers the screen as Heather, and she is a pregnant air hostess who takes the drug deal and roped Ra’Nell into selling weed.

Nicholas Pinnock runs around the screen as Leon, who is Lisa’s mother, and he is kind of a father figure to Ra’Nell. He took care of Ra’Nell while his mother was in the hospital. Xavien Russell plays Micheal, a young drug dealer who often skipped school to work as a scout member. Ricky Smart portrays the role of Jason, who grew up with a drug-addicted mother who robbed dealers and stole from the market.

Micheal Ward plays Jamie, who is the antagonist of the show. He was involved in a leadership battle with the Summerhouse gang. Simiatu Ajikawo plays Shelley, who is the carer of Dushane’s mother. Lisa Dwan plays Lizzie, who is an Irish drug lord, and she is also the major antagonist.

What is the storyline of Top Boy Season 6?

Top Boy is a British crime drama series based in the Summerhouse area of London. The show features two drug dealers named Dushane and Sully, and they are involved in drug dealing and gang violence.

The Summerhouse estate suffers from the devastation of drugs, corrupt police and a cruel governor. A young dealer named Ats was murdered in the series, which devasted his best friend, Stefan, who not only had this particular event happen to him but he had to face a lot of losses in life, like the murder of his loving brother, Jamie.

The two protagonists are also facing a lot of trouble living in this drug-filled world. Dushane is dragged out of his home, and the money launderers take all his money, and he is non-consensual given drugs. Sully gets paranoid because of the injustice done against Dushane, and he starts dealing with the ultra-violent Irish McGee gang.

When will the trailer for Top Boy Season 6 be released?

Top Boy is a crime drama franchise, and the show first released its series in 2011, around a decade ago. Top Boy became extremely popular almost as soon as it was released. The recent series has released five seasons, and it has been announced that its sixth season will not be renewed.

Hence, the Top Boy trailer has not yet been released. The show might, however, release spin–offs. Fans might also release concept trailers and teasers for the show.

The Conclusion

The show is a great watch for anyone interested in watching crime, drama and thriller shows.

It is a really good show with a captivating storyline, and every episode has something new being revealed, making it much more interesting. It also has great characters who are very buildable. It is a perfect show for people interested in specific genres. Top Boy sheds light on the issues that are more suppressed in our society, like the plight of the Black community as well as the underworld of drugs.

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Happy-Binge Watching!

Frequently Asked Questions?
1.Where can I watch Top Boy?

Them is a mystery, drama, and crime anthology series. It is available to watch on Netflix and Channel 4.

2. How many seasons of Top Boy are there?

There are currently five seasons of Top Boy available for streaming. Its sixth season has been cancelled now and will not be released.

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