The Gold Season 2: Get Ready for Big Heist of 1983

It’s 1983, and you imagine you are a guard at the warehouse near the famous Heathrow Airport. You think that this will be a normal day and keep thinking about going back to your family, having dinner, and then going to bed. 

A normal day until a group of thieves decides to take that away from you and perform one of the biggest robberies ever known to mankind. £26 million worth of diamonds, gold, and money are stolen, and your job is on the line. Will the thieves be caught? And will the robbed goods be returned to their actual place?

To find out, give this article a read to know all about the upcoming season of The Gold and all its details, like its storyline, cast, trailer, release date, and renewal status.

What is the renewal status of The Gold Season 2?

The Gold is a thriller series about one of the most famous robberies ever done. The show’s first season started on BBC One on February 12, 2023, and aired until March 19, 2023. The show has yet to be renewed for a second season officially as of now. There are, however, hints given by the producers here and there that might insinuate the chances of the show’s second season returning to people’s screens.

What is The Gold Season 2 Release Date?

The Gold Season 2
The Gold Season 2

The Gold has not been renewed for a second season officially, but we are hoping that it will be released soon enough. The show, thus, does not have a release date for the second season. Season 1 started airing in February 2023 and stopped airing in March 2023. The estimated period for the release of the second season, if renewed, is around mid-2024 to late 2024.

Is The Gold Season 2 Cast confirmed?

The cast includes Charlotte Spencer, who plays Nicki Jennings, who is a detective at the Flying Squad of the Met Police and is the leading detective in the investigation into the robbery. She is a hard-working woman.

Dominic Cooper covers the screen as Edwyn Cooper, a money launderer. He is the launderer tasked with helping the robbers get money for the stolen goods.

Jack Lowden portrays the role of Kenneth Noye, who is a businessman by day and a criminal undercover mastermind by night. He is approached to ask where the cash and bullion can be disposed of after the robbery. Hugh Bonneville runs around the screen as Brian Boyce, who is an officer who is also investigating the robbery.

Tom Cullen plays John Palmer, a gold merchant who disguises the gold and then sells it. Stefani Martini plays Marnie Palmer, who is John’s wife. 

Other cast includes Emun Elliott who plays Tom Brightwell; Sean Harris, who plays Gordon Parry; Daniel Ings, who plays Archie Osborne; Ellora Torchia, who plays Sienna Rose; Dorothy Atkinson, who plays Jennie Savage; and Adam Nagatis plays Mickey McAvoy.

What will be the potential Gold Season 2 Storyline?

The Gold is a thriller crime drama series with the main plotline of one of the biggest robberies of humankind.

There is a gang led by Micky McAvoy who successfully steals £26 million worth of money and bullion like diamonds and gold. They carry on this robbery at a warehouse near the famous Heathrow Airport.

At the end of the first season, the sixth and final episode in Cooper provides the police intel, which leads to the conviction of the pseudo-businessman Noye and other important gang members.

McAvoy ends up marrying his fiancée, and Parry gets arrested by the Spanish police. This ensured that the gang of thieves only took half of the gold stolen.

Is the Gold Season 2 Trailer released?

The official trailer of The Gold Season 2 has not been released as of now. The show’s renewal status has not been clarified as of now, but hopefully, that will be cleared soon, after which the trailer will be released. Fans of the show might release concept trailers and teasers for the show on YouTube.

The Conclusion 

All in all, the show is a great watch for anyone interested in watching crime, mystery, and thriller shows. It is a really good show with a captivating storyline, and every episode has something new getting revealed, which makes it much more interesting. It also has great characters who are very buildable. It is a perfect show for people interested in specific genres.

Bookmark this page for future updates and news regarding the show. Also, let us know about the upcoming season’s storyline and more.

Happy-Binge Watching!

Frequently Asked Questions?
  1. Where can I watch The Gold?

The Gold is a mystery thriller show. It is available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer.

  1. How many seasons of The Gold are there?

There is currently only one season of The Gold available for streaming. A second season has yet to be officially renewed as of now, but we can hope for it to be renewed soon.

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