InBESTigators Season 3: Mysteries of the Middle School Solved

As kids, we all might have fantasised about being detectives or solving crimes and wanting that to be our full-time career. Kids love solving ‘real-life’ mysteries, which is one of the good parts of growing up. What if I tell you that the show’s protagonists, the InBESTigators, are living out our childhood dreams?

InBESTigators is an Australian children’s mockumentary where the fifth-graders, the show’s protagonists, solve crimes in their school and their neighbourhood area. The series has a comical tone and is also mysterious at the same time. Would you like to know more about the little detectives?

Grab your drink and read this article until the end as we have gathered all the information regarding InBESTigators Season 3.

What is the renewal status of The InBESTigators?

The InBESTigators is a comedic children’s series featuring four middle school students who solve crimes in their school and neighbourhood. The show was first released on June 21, 2019, and it has released two seasons. However, the show has unfortunately not been renewed for a third season as per the show’s network, ABC ME.

What is the release date of The InBESTigators?

InBESTigators Season 3
InBESTigators Season 3

The InBESTigators is an Australian children’s show, and the show has two seasons as of now, with the first airing between 21 June to 30 November 2019. The show features four middle school kids becoming detectives to solve crimes together.

Since the network and the producers have officially cancelled the show, there is no official release date.

Who will star in the InBESTigators Season 3 Cast?

The InBESTigators’s cast includes a lot of talented actors and actresses who made the show the success that it has become. 

Abby Bergman plays Ava Andrikides, an outgoing and social girl who loves throwing parties. She is also a good person who donates to charities. Anna Cooke plays Maudie Miller, a socially awkward but intelligent girl who wants to be an investigator or a detective when she grows up. Aston Droomer plays the tech-savvy Ezra Banks. Jamil Smyth-Secka, who plays Kyle Klimson, is an athletic and funny guy who gets distracted easily. 

The passionate teacher of the kids is Miss Tan, who Maria Angelico plays; Clarke Richards plays Mr.Barker, who is a fun and laid-back teacher. James Saunders plays Mr McGillick, a strict school principal, and Eliza Ong plays Poppy Banks, Ezra’s younger sister. Hannah Johnston plays Amelia, one of Ava’s friends, and Hana Leigh Struckett plays Pixie, Ava’s best friend. 

Madelin Jevic covers the screen as Mrs. Parides, the school’s P.E. teacher. Zac Mineo portrays the role of James, an arrogant student. Ayiana Ncube runs around the screen as Ruby, and she is Ava’s friend. The character Diet is played by Ethan Pham, a fifth-grade student who is good at Mathematics and Sienna Foggy covers the corner as Esther, another Ava’s friend.

What is the storyline of The InBESTigators Season 3?

The InBESTigators is an Australian comedic mockumentary that features four fifth-grade students. They are Ava, Maudie, Kyle, and Ezra. The four solve crimes in their school and their neighbourhood area.

The crimes they solve are minor, not big, like murders. They usually solve cases where students steal each other’s belongings and more. The four detectives then work hard to find the culprit behind the crimes and punish them for their actions. In the first episode, we learn that the four of them were not childhood best friends and had met in middle school and unknowingly worked on a case together and then formed a detective agency named the InBESTigators.

They then start distributing flyers and maps to their ‘office’, Ezra’s grandma’s flat. Then, people start coming to them with their mysteries and wanting them to solve them. They are usually small mysteries like someone’s package getting stolen, etcetera. Sometimes, they take their friends’ help to solve the mysteries, but always solve them.

When will the trailer for The InBESTigators be released?

The trailer for The InBESTigators Season 3 has not been officially released yet. The third season of the beloved Australian mockumentary has officially been cancelled, so the trailer will not be released. 

However, we can expect fans to release concept trailers and teasers for the show on YouTube. Spin-offs for the show might also be released.

The Conclusion 

The show is a great watch for anyone who loves comedy shows and is interested in watching a hilarious show about friends.

There is so much that can be learned while watching the show, like how to coexist with each other, what teamwork looks like, and how friends make your life better than it was before no matter their age, religion, gender, and more. The show is a great watch for children, and it is really unfortunate to learn that a third season is not in the books. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?
1. Where can I watch The InBESTigators?

The InBESTigators is an Australian comedy series that is available to watch on Netflix.

2. How many seasons of The InBESTigators are there?

There are currently two seasons of the show available as of now. Its third season has been cancelled, much to the disappointment of fans.

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