Diplomats Season 2: A Gala of International Alliances

Diplomats Season 2

She enters the scene in all the splendour of international diplomacy as the ambassador to the United Kingdom, her every move closely watched amid the turbulent currents of a crisis that cuts over international boundaries. She is an expert tactician and manages to balance the demands of her prestigious position and the difficulties in her … Read more

Escaping Polygamy Season 5: Cast, Storyline, more

Escaping Polygamy Season 5

Have you heard about the Kingston clan? Also known as the Latter Day Church of Christ? It is a Morman fundamentalist group by a Latter Day Saint, a religious organisation formed in Davis County. The group engaged in polygamy spread pamphlets and wrote books about the same. The Kingston clan recruited followers who would preach … Read more

Starstruck Season 4: An Unexpected New Year’s Reunion

Starstruck Season 4

Enter the exciting world of “Starstruck,” a work by the Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning actor, writer, and comic Rose Matafeo. Jessie, a typical millennial navigating the hectic environment of East London, guides us through this comic maze. She tries to support the extravagant expense of her shared, pricey apartment with her friend Kate through a dance … Read more

Tell Me Lies Season 3: Unveiling Love Amidst Complexities

Tell Me Lies Season 3

How interesting is it to see a love relationship between two colleagues, a senior girl, and a junior boy? Plus, what if they attend the same party with other friends without talking to each other? Yes, you got it right! We are talking about the Tell Me Lies drama series. Lucy falls in love with … Read more

Undercover Underage Season 3: Grooming Children Online

Undercover Underage Season 3

The Internet is a really scary place. The monsters who once hid behind shadows now hide behind the bright lights of our devices’ screens. The crimes that take place on the Internet are so gruesome that one thinks twice before doing something on the World Wide Web. One such horrible crime is the grooming of … Read more

Stay Close Season 2: Unravel the Shadows of Memory

Stay Close Season 2

A terrifying echo from the past reverberates in the dimly lighted halls of fate, disturbing the regular lives of a storyteller with a camera, a passionate soccer mom, and a tenacious advocate for justice. This unsettling incident cascades through their lives like water in a pond, weaving a tapestry of unanticipated turns that will alter … Read more

InBESTigators Season 3: Mysteries of the Middle School Solved

InBESTigators Season 3

As kids, we all might have fantasised about being detectives or solving crimes and wanting that to be our full-time career. Kids love solving ‘real-life’ mysteries, which is one of the good parts of growing up. What if I tell you that the show’s protagonists, the InBESTigators, are living out our childhood dreams? InBESTigators is … Read more

Baby Fever Season 2: Get the Latest Details on Josephine Park

Baby Fever Season  2

You might have heard of the famous show Equinox by Apple Tree Productions and Netflix. Well, the production house is back with another show named Baby Fever. Baby Fever is a Danish medical drama series that stars Josephine Park, a fertility doctor. She drinks one night and ends up impregnating herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm. … Read more

Harry Wild Season 3: Unveiling Jane Seymour’s Lead

Harry Wild Season 3

Are you someone who enjoys watching murder mysteries? Do you want suggestions for the next big murder mystery that will become your favourite? You have to go to the right place! A great recommendation would be Harry Wild, which is Acorn TV’s latest murder drama series and is led by a female investigator. The show … Read more

Arthdal Chronicles Season 3: Release Date & Renewal Status

Arthdal Chronicles Season 3

Are you a history buff? Do you like knowing all about the older times and how people lived during those times? If so, you would also like to watch many history-related shows, either fictional or non-fictional. We have just the show for you! Arthdal Chronicles! You will fall in love with the characters in the … Read more