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Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone

Previous Updates

November 5, 2006:
LINK: Entertainment Weekly ranked Battle for the Planet of the Apes at #18 on their list of The 25 Worst Sequels Ever Made. Not surprising, but at least it did better than Episode I and Batman & Robin.

THANKS: We're less than a month away to the DVD release of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut! Thanks again to everyone who participated in our letter-writing campaign. It was the never-ending fan interest that made this possible. Be sure to reserve our copy!

July 7, 2006:
SCROLLS: We pontificate on Hollywood's efforts to "re-create the Golden Age" of 30s and 40s pulps onscreen, from Indiana Jones, through The Shadow, The Rocketeer, and up to King Kong.

March 20, 2006:
About that email campaign... Well, we decided against it for a couple of reasons:
1) With the Ultimate Collection coming out March 28, we just didn't have time to put it together.
2) Fox is giving us (almost) everything we want. First off, the Ultimate Collection (and every release from now on) has the uncut version of Battle. In addition, Fox is also releasing just the films as a box set (The Legacy Collection), as well as individually, all with the uncut version of Battle. The only thing we're not getting is The Animated Series as a separate release and those still missing deleted scenes (though we can nix Battle from that list).

LINK: Check out Fox's website for the new DVD release. Nice look, but it's only one page.

LINK: Check out Heston of the Apes, the best fan edit since our Twilight Zone episode. It's Planet, with only Heston's speaking parts. Like going to a party with a great host, but he never shuts up.

LINK: Check out WB's new excellent Year of Superman website to see how it's really done. The Franchise Trailer is excellent, and check the Home Video calendar to see the Donner Cut listed for Q4.

February 7, 2006:
LINK: Sign the online petition to get Fox to release Battle uncut!

In similar news, we're putting together a letter campaign (like we did for Superman II) regarding "The Ultimate Collection" DVDs, which are missing deleted footage from Battle, Conquest, and more. Stay tuned for details, because we have to act fast on this one.

February 1, 2006:
Fantastic News: Thanks to all of our efforts, WB is releasing Superman II: The Donner Cut on DVD later this year, as part of Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition!

More Good News: Fox is releasing Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Collection on DVD this year, which not only contains all five original films and the Tim Burton film, but also the TV series and, for the first time ever, the Animated Series. No word yet on those deleted scenes, but we're checking on it.

LINK: The Digital Cinema has a great review of the previous full DVD release, Planet of the Apes: The Evolution, and rightly points out some of the items that should have been included.

LINK: Check out Only Midnight on Their first CD, "The Answer," is coming this Spring.

November 1, 2005:
Premiere Magazine ranked Planet of the Apes' ending #18 as one of 25 Most Shocking Moments in Movie History. They put it ahead of Jaws (24), The Sixth Sense (22), and The Shining (20), and behind Empire Strikes Back (17), The Godfather (14), Deliverance (7), Bonnie and Clyde (5), Psycho (4), Alien (3), and Public Enemy (2). Good company indeed.

July 15, 2005:
Uber-Cool News: See Planet of the Apes in the actual Forbidden Zone!
In 2005, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is setting out on a 6000 mile, 21 day journey, across the west for the Rolling Roadshow Tour. They will be screening 12 famous films in their original shooting locations, chosen specifically to intensify the viewing experience. When Charlton Heston crash lands at the beginning of PLANET OF THE APES, it isnít an alien planet as it first appears, itís the good olí USA; Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona to be specific. Planet of the Apes is screening Friday, August 24, in a natural amphitheater. See their website for all the details.

SCROLLS: Global Frequency and Superman II are changing the entertainment world, whether they want it to change or not.

June 23, 2005:
Fun News: Charlton Heston's immortal line from Planet of the Apes, "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape," scored in at #66 on AFI's list of top 100 movie quotes. One of only two quotes that have a swear word in it (the top quote, from Gone With the Wind, has the same word). Our man Chuck also came in at #77 with "Soylent Green is people!"

November 19, 2004:
LINKS: We've updated our links page to include a POTA Discussion Group on Yahoo.

Are you a frood who knows where his towel is? Then check out our revised version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy teaser trailer.

August 26, 2004:
Yes, this is the place where you can find the Twilight Zone/Planet of the Apes video everyone's been telling you about. We're looking for anyone who can help with a mirror and folks to buy something from Amazon to help us cover the extra bandwidth.

June 23, 2004:
Many thanks to everyone who joined our Superman II campaign. If we get any new on the results, we'll post it on the page. Again, thanks to everyone who sent their letters in.
UPDATE: Warner Bros. responds! See the campaign page.

June 18, 2004:
SUPERMAN II CAMPAIGN: Get your letters ready! We mail tomorrow!

LINKS: We've updated our links page with two new sites: Hunter Goatley's incredible Planet of the Apes page with a multimedia collection you won't believe, and Star Wars Ruined My Life, a site that's launching their own campaign to get the actual original trilogy released on DVD (not just the "tinkered-even-more" Special Editions, which is what Lucas is releasing this Fall).

June 15, 2004:
SACRED SCROLLS: Why won't Disney let anyone in the United States see Song of the South?

May 31, 2004:
As a special thanks to everyone who has joined and is helping to spread the word about our Superman II campaign, we've posted the original Seinfeld & Superman American Express Commercial from 1998.

May 11, 2004:
We've updated the site with a whole new look. Please pardon our dust as we iron out any kinks that we may have missed in reformatting everything. The one bad thing about the site getting as big as it has is that it takes a lot longer to update look of it. We've re-organized the sections and changed the menu system a bit, so hopefully it will be easier to find things.

April 30, 2004:
Continuing with our Superman II campaign, we've added a couple of photos and video clips from two of Richard Donner's missing scenes, plus quotes from Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.

April 13, 2004:
Our Superman II campaign has made the national media! Check out the April 9 issue of Entertainment Weekly for a short blurb about our cause (Pg. 71, in the box about the Matrix).

March 20, 2004:
Help restore Superman II! Join our campaign on June 19, 2004. Help convince Warner Bros. to let Richard Donner finish his movie. Click the link or the above banner for all the details.

February 11, 2004:
The SCI FI Channel is airing a President's Day marathon of the Planet of the Apes TV series, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET/PT.

January 22, 2004:
VIDEO: We've added production notes to our exclusive Twilight Zone "re-imagining" video download.

SACRED SCROLLS: The Forbidden Zone weighs in on the movie piracy issue, with a look back at where movie piracy really began... in the early 1900s with the men who built Hollywood.

November 23, 2003:

Now available in our VIDEO section: Planet of the Apes "re-imagined" as an episode of The Twilight Zone. Why? Both were written by Rod Serling!

LINKS: We've updated our Links page.

October 11, 2003:
MOVIES: We've finally added the 2001 Planet of the Apes "re-imagining" to the our roster of films.

JULY 16, 2003:
LOST APES: We've added QuickTime clips of the deleted scenes (featured in the Extended Cut) from Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

April 19, 2003:
NEWS UPDATE: Fox Movie Channel is hosting a Planet of the Apes Sweepstakes Monday through Friday, April 21 through April 25. They're giving away DVDs, books and more. Plus, they showing the EXTENDED CUT of Battle for the Planet of the Apes again on Friday, April 25, at 8:00pm!

March 13, 2003
BIBLIOGRAPHY: HarperCollins launches a new series of Apes paperback books by William T. Quick, author of the Burton film novelization.

February 18, 2003
TV: Complete video clip of "Stop the Planet of the Apes -- I Want to Get Off!" You can also find it on our Simpsons page.

January 17, 2003
NEWS UPDATE: According to The Fox Movie Channel, "the first time the Extended Cut of BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES will air will be during our PLANET OF THE APES Superbowl Marathon on January 25th. It will be regularly worked into the schedule after that."

December 18, 2002
BREAKING NEWS: In celebration of POTA's 35 anniversary, The Fox Movie Channel is hosting a Planet of the Apes Marathon all through January! They're showing all five original films, the TV Series movies, and more.

And to top it all off, the Fox Movie Channel is showing the EXTENDED CUT of BATTLE because THE FORBIDDEN ZONE asked for it! This rare cut of the film is NOT available on video or DVD and has only been released on laserdisc in Japan. But now, thanks to this website, it's going to be seen on The Fox Movie Channel!

September 29, 2002
NEWS: Sadly, we have three more obituaries to report for former Apes cast-members. James Gregory (Beneath), Jeff Corey (Beneath), and Ron Soble (TV Series) have all passed away recently. Our hearts are with their families as well. They will be greatly missed.

September 11, 2002
A lot has happened since our last update, which was just before the Terrorist attacks of 9/11. Our hearts mourn with the rest of the nation as we reflect back on those horrible events and the true heroes that rose up to the challenge.

UPDATE: We've been working on an under-the-hood update to the site which, ironically, turned out to be a whole lot of busy work, in order to make it easier to update the site. Please be patient as we try to iron things out.

NEWS: We were saddened to learn that Kim Hunter died today. Not the type of news we were looking for to update the site, to say the least. Our hearts are with her family as well.

Of course, we would be remiss in not mentioning Charlton Heston's recent announcement that he has Alzheimer's disease.

September 6, 2001
NEWS: We learned, sadly, last week that make-up master and pioneer John Chambers past away last weekend. Our hearts are with his family. He will be sorely missed.

DVD NEWS: The TV Series is coming!

REMAKE NEWS: Apes is tearing up the foreign box-office, Tim Burton weighs in on a sequel, and Kevin Smith comes clean about his feud with Burton over the ending.

SACRED SCROLLS: Tim Burton wants you to shut up. He says you're weird, too.

August 8, 2001
REMAKE NEWS: Just when we thought the fun was over, it gets more interesting. We've got three different bits concerning the Remake, which do contain SPOILERS, but none of them are directly on the page. We don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen the film yet.

LINKS: We've added a couple more links to some great new Apes sites on the web.

SACRED SCROLLS: How come the Disney-MGM Studios is still only half a theme park?

PERIODICALS: EW explains how Burton made his Apes run.

August 2, 2001
REMAKE NEWS: Possibly our last bit of remake news, and it's a good one! Planet of the Apes (2001) scored the highest opening ever for a film on a non-holiday weekend. We knew those Apes were popular!

NOVA NEWS: This is a brand new page to our website. While Linda Harrison is renovating her official site, we're providing her some space to keep in touch with her fans.

CONTEST: The results are in! We've posted all the answers to our first-ever trivia contest. Thanks to everyone who entered and a big congrats to our winners!

MUSIC: We've added a new page where you can find the soundtracks to all of the Apes movies.

LINKS: We've added a couple more links to some great new Apes sites on the web.

NEWS: You release a new Apes movie and suddenly, it's all over the news. Get the latest right here.

PERIODICALS: We've got two new articles from Cinescape that profile Mark Wahlberg and compare the original Apes novel to both of the movies that have been made from it.

July 26, 2001
YOU FOUND US! NBCi is no longer offering free web space, so we were forced to find a new home. So, after five years, we figured it was high-time we had a place of our own! The tough part was finding a new URL (the ones we wanted were taken). Then NBCi stopped allowing uploads before we had the new address ready, so please tell all your Ape friends where we are. We're doing the best we can to spread the word. The good news is that since we FINALLY have a permanent address, if we ever move again, it will be seamless to our visitors. We've got a group of updates that were meant for last week and more to come! Enjoy the new movie!

REMAKE NEWS: Fox is sweating bullets as the release is less than two weeks away and the movie still isn't finished! Our source says not to worry, though. Plus, we've got the first Internet review of the film courtesy of AICN.

VIDEO: Download the International Trailer/TV Spot. It's shorter than the last trailer, but shows a lot more of the film.

LIBRARY: Linda Harrison was interviewed for the Globe, offering a few insights into the new film.

NEWS: Buck Wolf of reels off the honor roll of all the great actors who have appeared in the Apes movies and TV shows.

BOOKS: We've updated our Books page with all of the latest books being released in conjunction with the new film.

June 26, 2001
CONTEST: Oops! We goofed on one of our contest questions (#6), so that one won't count in the final tally, though we have now corrected it. That's what we get for not double-checking all of our facts. Keep those entries coming.

REMAKE NEWS: A little bit of scoopage concerning some possible reshoots, the twist-ending revealed (?) on another website (no spoilers here), where you can glimpse the POTA lunchboxes (seriously, we're not kidding), and Tim Burton actually getting creeped out.

June 5, 2001
CONTEST: We're giving away 10 copies of the original Planet of the Apes novel, by Pierre Boulle, courtesy of Del Rey (a division of Random House). All you have to do is answer a few questions...

REMAKE NEWS: We've got the details on Fox's latest promotion for the new film, and it involves GPS tracking hardware. First they pull the videos and DVDs of the original series, and now this. What the heck are those people smoking over there?

DVD NEWS: Fox dropped the ball on the Apes DVDs (no extras, and now no DVDs...), so Image Entertainment has stepped up to the plate a "Behind the PotA Special Edition" two-disc set!

LINKS: We've added a few new links on everything PotA.

APES COMICS: Dark Horse has launched their site for news Apes titles and movie tie-in!

April 25, 2001
UPDATE: Well, NBCi has been having some FTP problems, which is why it's taken us a week to update after the release of the WONDERFUL new trailer (which you can find on our Video page).

REMAKE NEWS: We've a smattering of tidbits on the new film, of course, most notably Tim Burton's recent comments about the "animal magnetism" on display. PLUS, we've finally uncovered the dastardly plot currently being perpetuated by dark, shadowy figures in smoke-filled rooms at Fox Marketing.

April 2, 2001
BOOKS: Check out the new and upcoming Apes titles hitting bookstores, including Joe Russo's long-awaited Planet of the Apes Revisited. You can order them right here and help support the Forbidden Zone.

SACRED SCROLLS: Superman fans unite! WB is giving us the shaft again with the Superman II DVD release (but rewarding us wonderfully with the Superman: The Movie DVD, go figure). We've got the contact info on to whom to write to complain (and thank them at the same time).

REMAKE NEWS: We've finally gotten caught up with a bunch of tidbits on Charlton Heston, Linda Harrison, and filming in Washington, DC and Hawaii.

February 28-March 2, 2001
Celebrating Five Years! Yes, the Forbidden Zone has now been here five years. Hard to believe. In honor of our birthday, you get all the gifts:

PLANET OF THE APES (2001): Download the trailer for Tim Burton's new Planet of the Apes film! Just released on the web today. Perfect timing, huh?

REMAKE NEWS: The Official Website has launched! (Where else did you think you were going to get the Trailer?). Plus, news about Rick Baker being IN the movie, too.

NEW LOOK: Hope you like our new look. We felt it was time to expand and include the new Apes film in the banner above, and reorganize our pages a bit to make things easier to find (though, please pardon our dust if you run across any kinks...)

LOST APES: Want to see the missing footage from Battle for the Planet of the Apes? You can also find it on the Video page.

SCREENPLAYS: Finally! We've got the complete screenplay for Escape. Took us long enough to finish it. Also, we have our own fan script for a POTA 6, Stand-off on the Planet of the Apes.

PERIODICALS: We've added a TV Guide article from 1974 about the making of the Planet of the Apes TV Series.

FAQ: We've updated our FAQ on the entire Apes saga.

SACRED SCROLLS: A look back at five years of the Forbidden Zone.

February 22, 2001
Remake News: The Fox Marketing Machine is gearing up with more images from the movie. Plus, first glimpse of the 7-foot standee now appearing in theatres, and it looks like we'll all finally see the trailer on March 2! And, we've got the URL for the official website and have uncovered a mystery surrounding the video release website...

Book News: After sixteen years, Planet of the Apes Revisited is finally available for pre-order! Coming June, 2001!

February 14, 2001
Happy Valentines Day! As usual, we've got more news on the Remake, with news on the Remake trailer and the first batch of photos via Vanity Fair.

We've added a few Apes-related links to the Links page.

Once and for all, Natalie Trundy did NOT play Stewart in POTA, it was Dianne Stanley. We've got the proof with a great photo on her bio page (only trouble is, we don't know anything else about her).

In the News: Joey Travolta is working on a screen bio of Sal Mineo; Remake is a big hit at 2001 Toy Fair.

Pardon our dust while we work on a new look for our fifth anniversary (Feb. 29, a bit tricky being a leap year website). The full revamp should be ready by then, plus a few extra goodies to celebrate the occasion.

February 2-8, 2001
Another bundle of info, all about the Remake, of course: See some images from the film, the first of Mark Wahlberg and a way cool poster for marketing partners that describes the main characters and says the big F word, "Franchise."

January 30, 2001
Fox releases the first official photo from the new film. Also, more on Michael Clarke Duncan's injury, and the official plotline from Fox (don't worry, it was written by the marketing department, so it doesn't give away anything). It's all on the Remake page.

January 16-18, 2001
More test photos from the Remake have hit the web. Plus, we got our own confirmation on how the movie will look, and Army Archerd confirms that Heston is playing an Ape in the remake.

We've added another new Apes page to our Links page, this one dedicated to the Remake.

January 10-15, 2001
Finally! We now know that the Remake is TRULY a Tim Burton film: yes, that's right. Lisa Marie has officially joined the cast. Plus, a cool report on the set.

We've added a new Apes page to our Links page.

January 5-9, 2001
Have the first shots of the Apes in costume and full make-up hit the net? Check them out via the Remake page and see for yourself. Plus, the first report on merchandising, and is Clooney back in?

December 18-29, 2000
Well, it's been a good week folks. Lots of photos of the sets and costumes have popped up on the Net this past week, and we've got links to point you to them (gotta give credit where credit's due). Just go to the Remake page for a quick glimpse and to be pointed in the right directions.

Forbidden Zone Exclusive! Well, Dark Horizons beat us with the poster (and hat's off to 'em), but we've got a bigger, clearer version thanks to one of our loyal readers. That's right, just truck on over to the Remake page.

December 15, 2000
Of course, more Remake news, but now it's getting really interesting. We've got the first peak at the teaser poster and news about the teaser trailer coming soon (?). Plus, word from Clooney himself on whether or not he'll be in it.

November 22-30, 2000
You can pretty much bet that every update from now on will have Remake news.

November 9-16, 2000
As usual, more Remake news: A description of the set on the Sony lot, another great piece of cameo news, and unfortunate news about a death on the production.

October 31-November 2, 2000
What's this? Has Zanuck changed his mind? Interesting casting news on a couple of cameos in the Remake. Plus a bit of info about location shooting, which is supposed to start next week.

October 24-27, 2000
As usual, more Remake news. New release date announced.

A brief update on the status of the book Planet of the Apes Revisited is in the Library.

Minor updates to the FAQ.

October 11-14, 2000
You guessed it, more Remake news. This time about additional script polishing, Wahlberg's physique, and that dang title. Plus an added bit about Michael Clarke Duncan.

September 26, 2000
Latest updates on the Remake. Turns out that title isn't what a lot of people thought it was. Glad we didn't jump on it.

August 15, 2000
Rick Baker speaks out (a little) about Ape make-up.

August 7-11, 2000
We've got some odd news on the Remake, plus tidbits on the make-up and who's NOT in the cast.

Check out the IMDb's "Behind the Scenes" website for the DVD Release, Planet of the Apes: The Evolution.

Looks like the first fansite for the Remake has made it to the web. We've got the link on our Links page.

July 26-28, 2000:
More casting info on the Remake! More castmembers are confirmed! This is starting to get exciting...

Review excerpt on the Planet of the Apes DVD.

A Remake without Heston? We've got the names and addresses for where you can sound off.

June 29-30, 2000:
First castmember announced for the Remake! Anybody care to guess who won the role?

June 20-22, 2000:
Bad news for Heston on the Remake. Plus, more news on Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg taking over his role.

June 5-17, 2000:
Aloha! Some interesting news on the Remake.

Good news! The Beneath Soundtrack is finally available from Film Score Monthly. Thanks to all the tipsters who let us know (and apologies for being so slow in posting the info...)

More news on the Planet of the Apes DVD release coming in August! Thanks to all the tipsters who let us know about this, too!

May 3-5, 2000:
Hot news on the Remake, plus un update with a little more detail on how this particular item is shaking out.

March 20, 2000:
EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS on the Remake! You heard it here first!

March 10, 2000:
A few tidbits on the Remake.

March 6, 2000:
BREAKING NEWS: Fox finally to release the Apes Saga on DVD!

We've added another link to our Links page.

March 2, 2000
Remake non-news.

So much for Todd McFarlane's Gorilla World...

February 29, 2000
It's our birthday here at the Forbidden Zone, celebrating four years (or 1 year, depending on how you judge the Leap Year thing).

February 22-24, 2000
Finally, some news on the Apes Remake! You won't believe who Fox is talking to about directing... (Special thanks to everyone who informed us of the news as soon as it broke!)

A small update to the news on Todd McFarlane's Gorilla World.

We've added a couple of links to the Links Page.

January 19, 2000
News and images on the Planet of the Apes video game coming from Fox Interactive.

News on UPN's upcoming Gorilla World series from Todd McFarlane.

August 25, 1999
BREAKING NEWS: "Planet of the Apes Revisited" to be published! We've got the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

Sounds page is back up, with new sounds!

July 29, 1999
We've added a special treat on our Video page to celebrate all the new server space -- it's the Serta commercial featuring Cornelius.

July 23, 1999
Welcome to our new home! Please pardon any quirks you may run into while we get settled in. Now we've got more web space and don't have to deal with AOL's crummy FTP program, so the updates should be a little more frequent (provided we find new material). To celebrate our new location, we've got lots of new stuff.

New additions to the Library:
- Check out our Lost Apes page for missing movie scenes, unproduced TV episodes, and more.
- Check out our Simpsons page for images, sounds, and lyrics to the Planet of the Apes musical.

It's been a while, but we've finally heard some more Remake news!

We've added a few links to the Links Page.

New Column: Let's Ride the Movies!

Note: If you've sent us an Apes-related link and don't see it on our links page, please send it to us again. We've lost some of our past e-mails.

May 18, 1999
Finally, we've got the original Planet of the Apes screenplay in the Movies section!

Hot News! Fox Interactive is developing a Planet of the Apes PC game! Click here to get the news from E3, or click here to get an overview plus a few screen shots.

New screen captures of Linda Harrison in Cocoon are in the Photo Gallery.

We've added a few links to the Links Page.

Star Wars Producer Rick McCallum had some unkind words over the prospect of casting Charlton Heston as a Jedi Master. We think McCallum should learn a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

We've got Star Wars books and music galore at the Ape City Traders!

March 25, 1999
We've added a new section: Shop at the Ape City Traders for books, videos, and music.

More Remake news!

Our condolences to the families of Beneath novelist Michael Avallone, and Planet actor Paul Lambert. They will be missed.

March 11, 1999
More Remake news!

February 3, 1999
Welcome to the new site design! Please pardon our dust as we work out the kinks. We figured it was time for an overhaul, plus the new design allows content pages to load quicker.

More Remake news!

New in the Library: Apes Producer Mort Abrahams offers his thoughts on the remake in Monkey See, Monkey Don't.

New in the Library: From Comics Scene Magazine, Welcome Back to the Planet of the Apes.

January 12, 1999
More Remake news!

We've added more links to our Links page.

We were deeply saddened to hear about the death of Escape director Don Taylor. Click here to read more on Yahoo.

We were also concerned to hear that Charlton Heston has prostate cancer, but, fortunately, seems to be winning the battle. Click here to read more on Yahoo.

Just for the Record: We think Charlton Heston should have done the voice of God in Prince of Egypt. What a missed opportunity!

December 17, 1998
Hot Remake News: James Cameron is off the picture. It's a sad day for science-fiction fans...

November 25, 1998
More Remake News!

We've added more links to our Links page.

November 4, 1998 -- SPECIAL BULLETIN*
Please distribute this to everyone you know on Earth:

When John Glenn returns from space, everybody dress in Ape suits.

We have 6 days in which to bury the Statue of Liberty up to her head.


*Special thanks to whoever originated this E-mail message.

October 5, 1998 -- Special Update
We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Roddy McDowall this weekend. He will be greatly missed.

October 1, 1998
Interview with Linda Harrison! A Forbidden Zone Exclusive!

A brief update on Roddy McDowall.

Whatever happened to that book on the Apes saga, Planet of the Apes Revisited? We've got the straight scoop from author Joe Russo in our FAQ.

More Remake News!

September 21, 1998 -- Special Update
Roddy McDowall has terminal cancer. Click here for the reports from Variety.

Click Here for a tribute to Roddy McDowall.

Correction: In the last update of our FAQ, we incorrectly stated that Planet of the Apes won three Oscars. It actually received two nominations and one special award for make-up design.

September 16, 1998
New in the Library: Planet of the Apes celebrates it's 30th Anniversary with a bash in Hollywood. Exclusive Photos!

Meet Linda Harrison, Natalie Trundy, Jeff Corey, and Don Pedro Colley at the L.A. Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention. Check out our new Appearances page for all the details.

New in the Library: Talking With... Charlton Heston from People Magazine.

More Remake News!

More updates to the FAQ.

September 2, 1998
We've updated the schedule for the Apes Marathon on AMC. It now covers the entire month of September, and also designates which showings are in Letterbox format (LB).

New in the Library: The article, "What Planet Are We On?" from AMC Magazine. Includes a sidebar on the Behind the Planet of the Apes documentary.

Check out AMC's new Apes-themed website!

Check out NewStream's RealAudio interview with Roddy McDowall.


August 26, 1998
Apes Marathon on AMC in September! We've got the complete schedule.

The new Apes Collection videos are now available from the Fox Store.

Check out the incredible new Apes website at Fox Home Video.

More Remake News!

We've added lots more Trivia.

We've made minor updates to the FAQ. Anytime you have a question about the Apes saga, be sure to check there first.


July 17, 1998
Hot News! Fox plans a special Apes 30th Anniversary video release! Plus, Apes Marathon on AMC!

Check out the new OFFICIAL Linda Harrison website, just added to the Links page.

With James Cameron on track to write and produce the Apes remake, we felt it was high-time to update the New Film page.

Are the hills coming back to life? The latest edition to the Sacred Scrolls ponders the question in "The Return of the Movie Musical?"


June 19, 1998
We've added Linda Harrison's address to the Fanmail Page.

Lots of new links are on the Links page.

Over 80 years, Hollywood still hasn't made a Tarzan movie that's faithful to the book. Yes, it's yet another addition to the Sacred Scrolls: "The Definitive Movie Has Not Yet Been Made."

We've revamped our Photo Gallery for faster loading and added a few new pictures.


May 29, 1998
Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone is pleased to announce its association with You can now purchase Apes movies and Apes books directly through this website.

Check out the new books listed on the Books page.

We've updated the Apes TV Series page.

Meet Linda Harrison! She'll be appearing at the Rocky Autograph Picture Show in Anaheim, CA, on June 13.


May 15, 1998
Why remake Planet of the Apes? Read our commentary in the Sacred Scrolls (formerly Manifesto).

We've updated the Forbidden Zone FAQ. Be sure to look there first for all your Apes questions.

Check out the new books listed on the Books page.


November 6, 1997
New! Production Guide from Planet of the Apes screenplay in the Library.

Want your own Apes make-up kit? Check out the link for Scream Team on the Links page.


August 19, 1997
Finally! New film clips from Beneath the Planet of the Apes on the Video page.

"Holy Screwed Franchise, Batman!" It's another entry in our semi-regular column, Sacred Scrolls.