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From DVD File (08.21.01 - 11:55am):

Apes TV Series On DVD!

Damn dirty apes!

Well, it must be "prime the pump" day (see Matrix Revisited below.) Fox obviously has Apes fever, and have just announced a 11/20 street date for Planet Of The Apes: The Complete TV Series. This four-disc box set is presented in 4:3 full frame and English mono, and includes all 14 episodes of the acclaimed series. Disc one features "Escape from Tomorrow," "The Gladiators," "The Trap" and "The Good Seeds"; disc two "The Legacy," "Tomorrow's Tide," "The Surgeon" and "The Dragoons"' disc three includes "The Horse Ride," "The Interrogation," "The Tyrant" and "The Cure"' and finally disc four contains "The Liberator" and "Up Above the World So High." Extras include a still gallery and TV Spots. Retail is $49.95 for the set, and click on the box art image for a blow up.

Webmaster Note: Amazing, you make a hit movie and a studio suddenly realizes how valuable one of their properties is. When we talked to the folks at Fox Home Video a few years ago, they said they didn't think releasing the TV series on video would be worth the expense. Now that the "remake" has done so well (not to mention other TV series like Buffy, X-Files, and Sopranos, selling well on DVD, we got something even better than a video release! Definitely worth the wait.

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