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Simple Timeline

This simplified version of the Apes timeline was provided by Scotttt W. I have added to it in a few spots. Scotttt W breaks the continuity down as two separate timelines -- history that occurred before Cornelius and Zira came back in time, and then the history that was rewritten as a result of their journey. This timeline only covers the films and the TV Series (though the events from the TV Series are not covered).



Humans still in charge (This info from 1st episode of TV series).


Apes in charge (time for ape TV series), so in that time humanity fell.


PLANET and BENEATH (let's just say Brent's chronometer in BENEATH was broken).


After helping Brent, Cornelius and Zira get a message from Milo, who is at Dead Lake (where Taylor's ship landed). He has got the ship ready. Remember, it was Milo, not Cornelius and Zira who fixed the ship. The way I see it, the only way he could get the ship ready is if these things happened:

  1. After water started coming in during first ape movie, right after the astronauts left, the automatic shutoff valve came on and stopped the water. Let's just say the astronauts forgot about it.
  2. It got caught on a under water embankment, in other words it did not sink to the bottom.
  3. Milo got inside, and pressed a switch that got it to the surface.
  4. Cornelius and Zira arrive, and take off in time to see the Earth destroyed in nuclear holocaust (the events of BENEATH, as described by Cornelius and Zira in ESCAPE).




ESCAPE. Cornelius and Zira arrive in Earth's present, thus changing the events in Apes TV series, and PLANET and BENEATH. In that time line, the apes evolved, but they did not have the help of a super-intelligent talking ape (Caesar). Due to the fears in mankind due to Timeline 1, Cornelius and Zira are murdered, but their baby (Milo, later Caesar) is saved.


Earth is struck by a disease which wipes-out all dogs and cats. Humans and simians are immune. Simians are taken in as pets to replace dogs and cats. In times, apes are enslaved to serve humans.


CONQUEST. Milo changes his name to Caesar and leads the revolution against enslavement of apes by humans.


Nuclear war destroys cities, and survivors (ape and human) are left to rebuild.


BATTLE. Things are different, apes and humans arrive at a uneasy truce, and possible friendship. The movie ends with the thought: THE FUTURE IS NOT SET, IT IS WHAT WE MAKE OF IT.

Scotttt W adds:
"This is a good way to end the series, by saying the events in Timeline 1 might or might not happen. It is how you treat people (and apes!) that counts. And I think that's a great message. I know that stuff in Beneath is a stretch, but at least it is an explanation."