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Apes Fan Mail

This information was provided by StingH1, who says:

"Here is an address list for a few of the Planet of the Apes stars. I have found that all of them will answer by mail. After sending out your autograph request, have a little patience. It may take up to a few months for your photo to come back in the mail. Even so, it's well worth the wait. Here are a few tips for best results.

  1. ALWAYS include a S.A.S.E. with correct postage (because you do not want your letter getting lost in the "Forbidden Zone" of the U.S. Postal System).
  2. Only send one or two items to be autographed.
  3. Keep your letters polite and short. Do not ramble on. Remember, you are writing a fan letter, not the Sacred Scrolls!!!

If you follow these tips you can acquire a great Ape Autograph collection."

Charlton Heston
2859 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Linda Harrison
P.O. Box 2032
Grand Central Station
New York, New York 10163
or visit the Official Linda Harrison web page

Natalie Trundy
c/o 1909 S. Wilbur Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
or visit the Official Natalie Trundy web page