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Do You Know Where Your Towel Is?

If you're a Hitchhiker fan like me, you were thrilled to see the first teaser trailer when it debuted at Comic-Con, and now the wide release of the slightly different, but really official, teaser. Aside from not seeing any of the actual film, there was only one thing about it that struck me as odd -- why they didn't use the actual "Hitchhiker theme" (The Eagles' "Journey of the Sorcerer") in the trailer. I'm sure someone is composing a new score and, therefore, it won't be in the movie either, but that would have been the perfect final touch to appeal to fans of the radio show. So, for your downloading pleasure, here then is a revised version of the Hitchhiker's trailer, now with the proper theme music. Aren't computers wonderful?

Click to view or right-click (Control-click Mac) to download the QuickTime movie (8.25 MB)
QuickTime 6 required.