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Apes Remake News

The following are some of the latest press notices and bits of information about the new Planet of the Apes film that has been in the works for a while. This page covers the current project, from when Director Tim Burton came on board. For the previous history of the Apes Remake, go to our Remake News Archive Page 2 for news from 2/2000 through 11/2000. For news from 6/95 through 7/99, visit our first Remake News Archive. Planet of the Apes (2001)
Written by William Broyles, Larry Konner and Mark Rosenthan; Directed by Tim Burton; Produced by Richard Zanuck.
Starring Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Paul Giamatti, Estella Warren, Michael Clarke Duncan, Helena Bonham Carter, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Kris Kristofferson, David Warner, and Lisa Marie.
Release date: July 27, 2001

September 5, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes 2: While Tim Burton isn't keen, Tim Roth talked with Beglian paper Metro and confirmed that he did not have to sign any contract concerning sequels, but added that if Tim Burton asked him, he would certainly do it 'cause he had so much fun

September 3, 2001 (from the Internet Movie Database)

France Goes Ape Over Apes

Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes passed the $100-million mark on the overseas market over the weekend, aided by a spectacularly successful debut in France, where it beat the openings of every other release this year and wound up as the third best opening in French box-office history, behind Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and Independence Day. According to Screen International, the movie also continues to hold the top spot at the British box office, where its 10-day total stands at $15.4 million.

August 17, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes 2: Tim Burton confirmed to Reuters that he's not interested in doing a sequel to this Summer's remake of the hairy epic and lashed out at the studio system - "The idea of doing a sequel -- I'd rather jump out of the window, I swear to God...They give you a script, and you do a budget based on that, and say 'This movie would cost $300 million to make', and then they treat you like a crazy, overspending, crazy-person. It's like, 'Well, you gave me the script'. I'm fascinated by the studio technique that sort of leaves you bloodied, beaten and left for dead right before you're supposed to go out and make a great movie for them". Thanks to 'Miqque'.

August 17, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes (BIG ENDING SPOILERS AHEAD -- Swipe Text to Read): Those who haven't seen the film turn away....RIGHT NOW. Anyway the usually reliable 'Joe S' has news on one of the potential other endings that was considered a while back: "Seems like long before the Lincoln Monument ending was devised on PLANET OF THE APES, Tim Burton had another idea of how to throw a monkey-wrench into the "twist" ending of his disappointing film. Rather than land in Washington D.C. at the Mall, Mark Wahlberg's spacecraft was to land in Pasedena, California! Pasedena happens to be home to Rose Bowl stadium and the spaceship was to provide quite the spectacle as it landed on the field in the middle of a simian football game played before a packed house of 100,000 apes! That would have given the CGI techs quite the challenge!".

August 14, 2001 (From Yahoo Daily News)

[SPOILER ALERT] Smith: Just Monkeying with Burton

Webmaster Note: Swipe the blank text to read the spoiler info and swear words (hey, we try to keep this site PG...).

Director Kevin Smith apparently knows when to stop toying with an 800-pound gorilla.

This time, the gorilla in question is filmmaker Tim Burton, and Smith now insists he was only joking when he claimed Burton "stole" the ending for his Planet of the Apes remake from one of Smith's old Jay and Silent Bob comic books.

"Lest anyone think some sort of holy jihad is brewing betwixt me and the mighty Tim, I'd like to set the record straight," Smith writes on his Website, "No, I do not think the Planet of the Apes ending was stolen...nor am I thinking about taking anyone to court."

The whole media frenzy (which, come to think of it, exploded just as Smith is promoting his new comedy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, due in theaters August 24) started when the filmmaker says he "made a few jokey comments about being pissed and litigious" to the New York Post after he saw Burton's surprise ending.

The ending in question (think "Ape-raham Lincoln") looked a lot like a panel from one of Smith's comic books. "My jaw hit the ground when I saw that scene," Smith told the Post. "I think I got robbed and I'm talking with my lawyers about possibly suing."

Upon hearing Smith's "allegations," Burton lashed back, replying, "I have not seen the image and anybody that knows me knows I do not read comic books. And I especially wouldn't read anything that was created by Kevin Smith."

Ouch. Ya see, Burton and Smith weren't exactly buddies to begin with. Smith acknowledges that Burton once rejected a script he had written for the now-shelved Superman Lives project. "Yes," the director says, "I've signed many a bootleg copy of my Superman Lives script 'Fuck Tim Burton,' (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)."

But, Smith says, "let's drop the call to arms against the guy who gave us Beetlejuice just because he's not a fan of my stuff. Shit, if you're gonna get on the warpath of every motherfucker who doesn't care for my particular brand of whimsy, you'll never have enough energy left to get your asses to the theater on August 24 when Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back opens."

In fact, Smith has been quite busy defending his particular brand of whimsy. Just a week prior, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (news - web sites) slammed his new film, calling it "overwhelmingly homophobic" for reinforcing gay men "as objects of acceptable ridicule and dehumanization." While Smith refused to apologize, GLAAD did persuade him to make a $10,000 donation to the nonprofit Matthew Shepard Foundation.

August 8, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

[SPOILER ALERT] Planet of the Apes: There's a bit of a war of words between Kevin Smith & Tim Burton right now at, the fight? Over a certain similarity to an ending. See Smith's version here (NOTE: MAJOR SPOILER for POTA)

August 1, 2001

[SPOILER ALERT] The Haz Mat presents a possible timeline to explain the ending of the Remake.

July 31, 2001

[SPOILER ALERT] Don Lemmon has done an outstanding job of melding the remake into the timeline established in the original films, plus the TV shows, and comic books, in an effort to "fix what Tim Burton has broken." This file is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document (courtesy of

Download Don Lemmon's Revised Timeline

July 29, 2001 (From Yahoo Daily News)

Box Office Goes Ape

Audiences went bananas for the movie monkeys.

Tim Burton's "reimagining" of the 1968 sci-fi classic Planet of the Apes swung in with a monster $69.6 million over the three-day weekend, according to preliminary studio estimates Sunday.

If the early figures hold, 20th Century Fox's Apes will set the record for the biggest nonholiday opening, ahead of the $68.1 million wrapped up by The Mummy Returns two months ago. (The Lost World: Jurassic Park holds the overall record with $72.1 million in 1997.)

On Friday alone, the simian saga, pitting Mark Wahlberg's wayward astronaut-turned-reluctant hero against Tim Roth's chimp with a chip on his shoulder, raked in $25 million, according to Fox. That would be the third best single-day take behind 1999's Star Wars: Episode I--The Phantom Menace, which scored $28 million on its Wednesday debut day, and The Lost World, which netted $26 million on the Sunday of its opening weekend.

Apes, which was barely finished in time and received mostly middling reviews, will also go down as the biggest opening weekend for Burton, whose previous standard was $42 million for 1992's Batman Returns.

Overall, Apes took in nearly as much as the rest of the top 10 combined. It averaged nearly $20,000 per each of its 3,500 theaters. Studio bean counters estimate Apes could eventually wind up with $200 million in total receipts. (We smell a sequel--or four.)

In a bit of box-office Darwinism, last weekend's reigning reptiles are this weekend's also-rans. But while Jurassic Park III failed to evolve ahead of Apes' primates, the dino sequel still gobbled up $22.5 million (a 56 percent drop from last weekend) and passed the $100 million mark. The Universal release has grossed $124.8 million in 12 days.

Last week's number two, the Julia Roberts-led ensemble comedy America's Sweethearts, dropped about 50 percent, taking in $15.7 million in third place.

With Apes the week's only new major entry, there wasn't much of a shake-up in the top 10. One notable tidbit, however: Dr. Dolittle 2, Eddie Murphy's talk-to-the-animals retread (Webmaster Note: And the sequel to yet another remake originally produced by the late, great Arthur P. Jacobs), earned $4.2 million over the weekend to bring its total to $100.8 million, the ninth film this year to hit the milestone (JP3 was the eighth).

In limited release, Greenfingers, starring Clive Owen and Helen Mirren as a couple of cons who become prize-winning gardeners, grossed about $72,000 in eight theaters for a $7,908 average.

All told, ticket sales were up for the second consecutive weekend. The top 12 movies grossed $143.4 million, a 6 percent hike from last weekend, and an 18 percent gain from last year.

Here are the weekend's top 10 as compiled by Exhibitor Relations from studio estimates (final figures are due Monday):

1. Planet of the Apes, $69.6 million
2. Jurassic Park III, $22.5 million
3. America's Sweethearts, $15.7 million
4. Legally Blonde, $9 million
5. The Score, $7.1 million
6. Cats & Dogs, $4.5 million
7. Dr. Dolittle 2, $4.2 million
8. The Fast and The Furious, $3.8 million
9. Scary Movie 2, $2.6 million
10. Shrek, $1.7 million

July 19, 2001 (From Yahoo Daily News)

'Apes' Production Behind Schedule

By The Associated Press,

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Special-effects workers are going bananas trying to finish director Tim Burton's ``Planet of the Apes'' remake in time for release next week.

Production has fallen a critical three to four days behind schedule on the $100 million film while effects supervisors work around the clock fine-tuning the sci-fi adventure, said Bob Harper, vice chairman of 20th Century Fox.

``I just met with the guys this morning after their first round of sleep,'' Harper told the Los Angeles Times for a story published Wednesday.

Harper downplayed the production delays, saying the movie will be ready for its scheduled release on July 27. A finished version of the film is set to screen for critics on Tuesday.

Executives said when production began last year that it would be a race to finish in time, Harper said.

``Tim volunteered to give us the movie for the summer, and they pulled off the impossible,'' he said.

Meanwhile, composer Danny Elfman has engaged in similar marathon sessions to complete the movie's music. Studio executives recently asked him to revise some of the score to make it sound ``more heroic.''

``Planet of the Apes'' stars Mark Wahlberg as a human astronaut who becomes stranded on an alien planet populated by talking primates. Michael Clarke Duncan, Tim Roth and Helena Bonham Carter co-star.

Charlton Heston, the star of the original 1968 version, will appear in a cameo role.

Burton is known for his films ``Batman,'' ``Beetlejuice'' and ``Sleepy Hollow.''

July 18, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

Derek Flint Reviews Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES!!!!

Folks, Harry here... I can't even begin to tell you how many theater owners and bookers have called me to find out how PLANET OF THE APES is going to turn out. It's one of the top 3 questions I get asked these days from film fans.. 1. What can you tell me about LORD OF THE RINGS? 2. Is SPIDER-MAN going to suck? 3. What have you heard about PLANET OF THE APES? In truth... not much. Sure Moriarty read the script, but the word from the set was that the film was having constant daily rewrites. We've heard of no test screenings. There was the screening for the MPAA, but as usual those walls don't talk much... yet. And in 2 days, the junketeers are going to be seeing the film for the big press day for PLANET OF THE APES... Which was originally due to move forward today. Inside.Com wrote a scary reshoot, effects not complete piece a day or two back, and the people with theaters have become a bit antsy... Knowing that the public wants the movie to be cool, and hoping that they get what they want... so they can fill their cash registers and have at least one sure fire hit besides SHREK.

Thus far, like everyone else in the industry, the word has been zilch. No real knowledge to base expectations. Till now. Our long term spy, Derek Flint has managed to infiltrate the organization known as FOX Inc and came back with the word. And the word is real good. This is a long as hell review, but with very little spoilers and all twists intact... but... well, you'll see... I'm so happy right now! Bless you Tim!

Harry, your favorite spy has delivered a coup for you. I’ve been able to see what seems to be the nearly completed version of Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes”.

The only thing that appeared to be missing were some completed CGI shots, with what was called “low res” renderings in their place. Still, it was clear what was represented by these yet to be refined scenes. I believe this could be the print that the Motion Picture Ratings Board looked at when they gave the film a PG-13 (although my friend on the production claims perhaps that particular version didn’t feature the final score, but wasn’t sure).

The only other disadvantage I can disclose during my “viewing” was that I couldn’t see a few of the reels in order, even though I saw everything, but I certainly had no trouble neither following the film nor coming up with a summation.

Never has any movie summer reminded us that the season rhymes with “bummer.” From “Pearl Harbor” to “Tomb Raider” to “A.I.” it seems that the equal the high expectation, the equal the massive disappointment. Most of our hopes have been collectively pinned on Tim Burton, a true artist, to redeem big studio commercial filmmaker this summer with his “re-imagining” of 1968’s seminal sci fi masterpiece “Planet of the Apes.” That term “re-imagining”, which has been exploited relentlessly in almost every press release, is truly appropriate in this case.

Tim Burton is a true original, and his name always encourages us to daydream when we free-associate what his unique vision will bring when coupled with any number of preexisting entities out there.

How would Tim Burton approach “Willy Wonka” or “Superman” brings forth rapturous anticipation from some of us, as well as dismay from others. That’s the mark of being an artist: Not pleasing everyone (while not pleasing anyone is the mark of being Tom Green, I suppose.)

Tim Burton is a whimsical talent, but his own self admitted Achilles’ heel has always been story and structure. His penchant for visual wonders and style can overwhelm a plot…as well as mask, more than any other director, deficiencies that would defeat any other working filmmaker in the world.

I loved “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” despite it possessing the most slender of storylines. The same applies to “Beetlejuice” as well as “Batman”. I can’t imagine these films entertaining me in any other hands. (Speaking of “hands,” I did love “Edward Scissorhands” where Burton obviously got very, very personal.) So far, my favorite Burton film has been “Ed Wood” which benefited from a solid screenplay and his own more disciplined and conventional approach to the material.

I have to admit not caring for “Batman Returns” all that much and found “Mars Attacks” to be amusing, but not up to Mr. Burton’s immense talents. Before discussing Burton’s “Apes” a mention of his last opus “Sleepy Hollow” applies. Once again, this was a very successful film commerically that I enjoyed solely based upon Tim Burton’s presence behind the camera. I was aware of paucity within the script, but found myself carried along despite of this… as well as the fact that what was wrong with the material would normally defeat any less idiosyncratic director. Burton’s regeneration of long lost Hammer horror films, as well as his innate respect for those films, kept me entranced. The man is a true magician, with an unerring ability to take average material and craft it into something special and singular.

I, like almost all of AICN, love the “Planet of the Apes” motion pictures. I know them virtually all by heart and can perfectly visualize in my mind the countless sequences from the first film that have entered the pantheon of classic cinema. I’m sure many of you can too.

Well, the very good news is… so can Tim Burton.

I can’t think of another filmmaker who has exhibited as much respect, reverence and care for preexistent source material than for what Tim Burton has shown for producer Arthur P. Jacobs’ “Planet of the Apes” film series in his version.

It’s obviously apparent throughout, most evident in how much direct homage peppers the film in visuals, references and even cameos. (Knowing Tim Burton’s clout, I don’t think it’s an accident that the advertising graphics for his version match the original series.) Burton has not sought to “top” the previous “Planet of the Apes” canon, despite all the vast technical advances at his disposal. He has kept his promise to “re-imagine” this archetypal myth, much like a contemporary storyteller passing it along as a fresh tale to a new generation.

I will admit that I found the screenplay, credited to William Broyles, Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal, merely “functional” when compared against the magnificent '68 adaptation of Pierre Boulle’s novel that, I recall, was crafted by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling. This one is rather perfunctory, although there are some smart choices made, and I must admit that there won’t be the cornucopia of “quotable” lines from this version... much of which was reportedly rewritten "on the fly."

Also, I will confess disappointment regarding the lack of dimension given some of the characters. In particular, our human hero, Leo Davidson as portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, feels very much like a “generic” personality. (Maybe this has to do with the fact that Matt Damon was to play the part, only to drop out weeks away from production... so it wasn't properly "Taylored.").

Leo reminds me of someone that, believe it or not, Matthew Broderick would have been cast as about ten or fifteen years ago. Perhaps it’s because the character invokes, to me at least, in some fleeting ways someone Broderick played in a little seen flick called “Project X.” (This review is spoiler free, so I won't say more here.)

In the original film, Charlton Heston’s Taylor represented all of humanity against the superior apes. Since Leo doesn’t have that same exact mantle to shoulder, initially he may seem weaker and even overtly petulant in his situation.

That’s why it’s very important to keep an open mind when approaching Burton’s film, despite the verity that many consider the original “Apes” and its sequels as near gospel.

The film begins with Wahlberg’s Leo being sent on a reconnaissance mission that he’s particularly well suited for. The set up plays very quickly, as before you know it… Wahlberg’s astronaut passes through an anomaly and crashes on an outlying, uncharted world.

The look of the opening is evocative a bit of “Enemy Mine,” without any Burton-esque touches, and plays as a rather customary genre film. (Rumor has it that Fox requested that Leo’s crash landing on the surface be re-shot. It does feel quite visceral, and reportedly Burton continues to collaborate with the same individual who has assisted with his other action sequences from past films.)

True to its mythological roots, Leo’s discovery of the strange realm he’s stumbled upon is treated as a dark fairy tale… underscored by the fact that it takes place in a forest. I know my use of the term “fairy tale” might cause some to bristle, but it’s true.

What ensues is the counterpart to the original movie’s legendary “hunt” scene, with wayward humans being rounded up by the apes. Burton’s sequence is neither as epic, complex or showy. It’s also decidedly not as good, but it would clearly seem that Tim Burton absolutely knew he couldn’t top Franklin Shaffner’s renowned and harrowing depiction of human beings pursued as prey amongst cornstalks, climaxed by Shaffner’s brilliant first reveal of gorillas wielding rifles on horseback. (There are no guns on this planet, which seems ironic since Charlton Heston is in the cast.)

Additionally, we’re faced with a substantial change from the original that everyone is well aware of from the previews: Human beings can speak. When I first learned of this alteration, I thought it was a terrible idea… but seeing it in context, it works and was a wise choice in comparison with doing things differently from the original movie.

Why repeat what you cannot improve upon? Namely, Heston’s incredibly famous line uttered to the apes that signified the first time they’d ever heard a human being speak. This “re-imagining” saves a great amount of time omitting that aspect, allowing for more scope in this particular journey since you don't have at least half the movie dealing with a mute Leo. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re watching an encapsulation of the entire “Apes” saga in one film… since elements of “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” as well as “Escape”, “Conquest” and even the decidedly inferior “Battle”, in respect to the tribal elements of the way apes lived together, are all represented here.

While human beings can speak on Burton’s “Planet of the Apes”, they are still an inferior species… but not necessarily just like the role reversal of primitive animals in the original. There’s a degree of fascism in play. Spirituality also continues to be a divining difference, but it’s more pronounced in this version.

Much like conquering explorers who viewed native tribes with xenophobia, the apes here persecute and enslave human beings not just because of their physical difference but also due to their hereditary lack of the same secular beliefs.

The human beings here are demoralized due to subjugation and oppression, and Leo’s arrival places him in the archetype role of reluctant savior. This “Planet of the Apes” will have you thinking of both “Braveheart” and “Gladiator” throughout, as Wahlberg’s defiance of ape tyranny,as well as stories of the vastly different social structure from his homeland, makes him much more dangerous in this scenario that Charlton Heston’s Taylor ever was. He's destroying an established belief system, and the apes aren't intent on cutting out his brain as much as symbolically crucifying him.

Like “Braveheart’s” William Wallace, Leo’s legend grows as he becomes a virtual messiah to the human masses that populate the entire planet. Danny Elfman’s heroic score accentuates this similarity. Heard on its own, you wouldn’t think of it coming from a science fiction film necessarily… especially the latest reinvention of the “Planet of the Apes.” In given the rather more complicated role Leo plays in this “Apes” saga, the hierarchy of the simians themselves has changed in significant, and very logical, ways.

The chimpanzees are once again the intellectuals, but without the timidity that chimps like Cornelius and Zira exemplified. Tim Roth portrays Thade, the chief (as well as chimp) adversary, with classical villainy right out of Shakespeare. (A scene where he confers with a dying elder is also incredibly evocative of “Braveheart” as well.)

Paul Giamatti is Limbo, a scrappy orangutan who traffics in humanity. It goes without saying that across the boards, Rick Baker’s makeup is extraordinary and it’s a safe bet that both he and his collaborators should already have his Oscar acceptance speech written. (The manifestation of a senator played by Burton veteran Glenn Shadix is staggering.) Still, what Giamatti does with this character is truly the actor not just relying on the mask to create an indelible portrayal. He’s quite wonderful.

I was mostly surprised by the depiction of the gorillas, which weren’t just the savage militaristic brutes we’d expect from past films. Trust me, those aspects are there… but Michael Clarke Duncan’s Attar, a mighty warrior, possesses a certain innocence in many ways. He even has self-doubt and introspection, mostly through Tim Burton’s unique directorial style.

Some of Wahlberg’s relationships amongst the humans will remind you of “Stargate.” His romance with Estella Warren, who isn’t just another pretty face and can fight quite fiercely, is one of those elements I’d called obligatory… but direction and performance make it feel much better than it actually is. Kris Kristofferson as Karubi works quite well, as an elder statesman of the human tribe who recalls a much different time on this planet.

The character that echoes most closely a portrayal from the original is Helena Bonham Carter as Ari, who seems like a direct relation to Zira. This was the makeup that I found particularly strange from stills and also the trailer, but the delicate, almost porcelain doll, features she possesses works very well within Burton’s vision.

You can feel the director’s great fondness for this character, and Carter exudes terrific humanity and courage that would no doubt make Kim Hunter proud.

The Forbidden Zone on Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes” is a quest of great consequence here. Some of the quasi-Asian appearance of the simians, as far as their armor and the like, come into play here. (I’m not revealing anything in this spoiler free review, but in dealing with a certain “spirituality” this version carries… that look hasn’t been chosen necessarily just for “show.”)

There’s even some feeling of “Crouching Tiger” as Burton has his apes fly through the air and swing from trees. His battle scenes are impressive, not just in their breadth and cutting, but in the amazing movements these ape actors were able to achieve.

Some may not like the third act of this film, but I did. Unlike the original “Apes” series, this didn’t feel like Tim Burton helming an attempt to re-establish a whole new line of sequels. He is the key ingredient in this “Planet of the Apes” and without him, there’s no point even revisiting "either" place.

As far as the much-ballyhooed finale that has been hinted at throughout the production, nothing can top the Statue Of Liberty protruding from the beach that climaxed the 1968 classic. Nothing... and it would seem that they wisely didn’t try. Still, it pays to pay homage, and if you’re familiar with Boulle’s original novel… I think both he, as well as the late Arthur P. Jacobs, would be quite pleased with the way Tim Burton wrapped his tale.

Whenever someone reads a book aloud to others, particularly fairy tales, they do so in their own unique style and “voice.” Tim Burton has done that with his retelling of “Planet of the Apes.”

As long as you keep an open mind, he’s great to listen to…and I envy all the kids that have never seen an “Apes” movie experiencing this film with fresh eyes and ears.

This film will cause a great deal of debate, especially here on Ain’t It Cool News, but it will also make a fortune.

To Hollywood executives, that means a happy ending.

Your man,
Derek Flint

July 17, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)


July 27th release date coming too quickly for production?

By: FRANK KURTZ, News Editor

There are rumblings that suggest that Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES isn't done yet, while time quickly runs out to its release date. According to, the project is still going through last minute effects work and cutting, allegedly resulting in a two-day delay of the film's screening for critics.

While talking to the site, 20th Century Fox vice chairman Bob Harper spoke of the situation, saying, "We were in the lab all weekend long. We've never done a film on this tight a schedule."

Harper is said to have told the site that the picture is three-four days behind schedule, this being mainly due to to post-production special effects work. The site further reports that the work being done isn't necessarily those of CGI artists with word that a live-action sequence of a rocket crash had been reshot last week.

In addition, the site report sthat studio executives have requested changes to Danny Elfman's soundtrack in hopes of making it more "heroic." One unnamed source is quoted as saying, "They wanted to be able to sell the film as a sci-fi GLADIATOR."

Meanwhile, is reporting that as a result of the delays on the film, the planned Fox TV special, PLANET OF THE APES: RULE THE PLANET, may not happen at all. The reason cited is that director Tim Burton still has to stay focused on getting the film done rather than sitting down to promote it.

Still, on Monday the Fox TV network did issue a press release on the half-hour special, which, they say, will be an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of PLANET OF THE APES and will feature an interview with director Tim Burton about his career and his re-imagining of APES. It will also include an introduction to new characters, a segment on special hair and make-up effects and a look at what PLANET OF THE APES has meant as a pop-cultural phenomenon to various celebrities, including Trey Parker & Matt Stone (SOUTH PARK), LA Lkaers player Rick Fox and the stars of the original version, Charlton Heston and Linda Harrison. That program is scheduled to hit the tube on Wednesday, July 25 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

(Webmaster Note: We talked to Linda Harrison yesterday and she said that the movie is in great shape and will definitely make the release date. She also said that the reshoots that took place in London (see previous post) concerned the ending, but didn't know what the ending was, commenting that she purposely didn't read the script so that she could be surprised just like the rest of us. Ditto for us at the Forbidden Zone. She added that the new film is more mystical than the first and much closer to the original novel because this time they were given the money to do so. The reason that the first film takes place in a post-Apocalyptic society is that it enabled the filmmakers to save an enormous amount of money on an already risky film. Everyone on the Internet is ready for Apes to be the big smash of the summer following the weak less-than-expected performances of Pearl Harbor, A.I., and Atlantis. Linda says that Apes is ready to deliver.)

June 26, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: You've probably heard lots of talk about the very last minute "Planet of the Apes" reshoots underway. How serious are they? 'Dick Cashmere' weighs in on the rumours with one of his own: "last Friday I was in SF riding the train and I met a guy who had a POTA backpack. Really cool looking bag. I asked him if he worked on the film. He said he did and they just finished it on Thursday in England where Mark Wahlberg was shooting another film. Turns out the execs at Fox wanted to reshoot a scene involving the pod ship Mark lands in. They had to ship the set to England for Mark Wahlberg to redo a scene to finish the film. Sounds like they are cutting it close to the line! He also mentioned that he hears that Sony are reshooting the end of America's SweetHearts."

June 26, 2001 (from the Internet Movie Database)

Burton's Ape Aches

Director Tim Burton has had enough of working with monkeys after filming Planet Of The Apes movie remake. Tim says the primate stars of the forthcoming film were far harder to deal with than their human counterparts. He says, "They would start humping my leg, and if I didn't pay attention to them, they'd spit at me or throw [bleep] at me. They have an insane, psycho quality. One day I caught one of them staring at me ... and I thought, man, if a human ever looked at me like I that I'd run in the other direction. I felt like I was in some weird gay bar and some sleazy person was checking me out." The movie, which stars homo sapiens actors Mark Wahlberg, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Roth, premieres in late July.

June 22, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: Pics of the merchandise tie-ins for the film are up over at EMerchandise.

June 21, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

The PLANET OF THE APES reshoots are not what they seem...

Hey folks, Harry here... Could it be that the shooting currently commencing at Pinewood Studios in London is happening to attempt to preserve the twist... the twist that has been kept secret in the scripts (allegedly) that was only in Burton and the Producer's heads (allegedly) and that Burton is pulling a sneaky great-for-us filmmaker trick? I surely hope so. I'm scared of PLANET OF THE APES... not because I don't love Tim Burton and everyone of his films... but because I love the originals sooooo much.... That I am near terrified of Burton changing my impressions about them through the sheer power of his imagination. I don't want to like something more than those old films. They are sacred... but at the same time I know that Burton has my number... consistently... We'll see... keep your fingers crossed.


I have to remain anonymous because the information I am about to pass to you could have far reaching implications. I know that it has been batted around the net for a while that Tim Burton has been keeping the end of Planet of the Apes secret, and I am sure that he would not like information being passed around that he and his team are currently in the UK shooting re-shoots and a possible different twist ending.

They are shooting at Pinewood under the less than inventive name of P.O.T.A.L.A ( Planet of the Apes L.A!!) Shooting started this week and is set to continue only for 7-10 days. I'm sure that this will come as no small comfort to those who have been waiting with baited breath for the movie thinking that something has gone wrong in production, but on the other hand they could be filming abroad and this close to release to prevent and possible spoilers being released to give away Tim Burton's own vision of how the end should be portrayed.

I assure you that this information is 100% genuine but as I am very close to the production I can and will not reveal my identity. The main reason for passing this information on is because I am a true believer that when it comes to messing around with re-makes of Classic & Original movies, Director's are playing with fire. I have to say that Tim Burton is one of the few directors today that you could trust with putting his own interpretation together of Apes, but I hope that the current re-shoots are just not a warning of what is to come.

There you have it, the scoop is yours

Keep up the good work

Mr. Insider

June 19, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

PLANET OF THE APES Reshoots? Twist Ending Revealed?!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

When I was on the flight to Florida last week (my Sayles report is almost finished... hope it'll be worth the wait), I read the script for PLANET OF THE APES on the flight. To be honest, this just hasn't been a priority film for me to learn more about. I love Rick Baker's work, and I thought the script was fine... not great, but entertaining enough. The only thing missing from the script was the last few pages... the twist ending. And come on, admit it... you know there's gonna be a twist ending. It's PLANET OF THE APES, fer pissakes. I know Tim Burton has said that this film does NOT take place on Earth, so that's left people wondering what sort of ending they would come up with that would carry the same punch as that iconic Statue of Liberty scene. It looks like has run a couple of stories from someone who claims to have seen the ending. If it's accurate, it's some pretty strong spoiler material, and you should go over there at your own risk. In the meantime, we got this brief missive in from MAJOR MANDELLA, who has something to say about potential last-minute APES shooting...


I attended the LA Comic Book/SciFi Con today (6/17) for the presentations by Stan Winston (Jurassic Park III and A.I.) and Cary Takagawa (Planet of the Apes). Winston was very clever and gave a terrific presentation. Takagawa, who has gotten busy lately (Pearl Harbor as well as Planet of the Apes) was also very approachable, signing autographs and gave an interesting presentation on how they were taught to run like apes and so on. I'm personally not going to expound in depth about them quasi-remaking Apes, but the original has aged well and is not dying to be remade. Burton excels at atmosphere and offbeat characters, not action, and Marky Mark is their lead. Very little about the previews make me excited that they haven't simply made another dumb effects action picture.

The scoop is that Takagawa explained in detail that the makeup and bodysuits were heavy. He had his mask with him and said he HOPED that he would not have to don it again, at which point he turned to the Fox rep and conversed off mike and then turned back and said it did look like he was going to have to put it on a few more times for reshoots. This close to release? I hope for the sake of Tim Burton that this is just fine tuning.

May 26, 2001 (from Coming Attractions)

20th Century Fox has launched a really unique promotion for its Planet of the Apes film: using global positioning satellite (GPS) technology, fans can get involved in an interactive scavenger hunt search for hidden caches of props that were used in the film. The first person to successfully find out the location of the cache and reach it will get to keep the authentic prop!

Fox is calling this contest "Project A.P.E." ( -- the A.P.E. standing for "Alternative Primate Evolution"), and officially launched it yesterday. Using the new online gaming technology called Geocaching, every Friday the film's Official website will supply new coordinates which can be used to determine the location of the latest hidden cache. The contest will run for 13 weeks, allowing a lucky thirteen individuals the chance to be the first to walk away with the exclusive Apes goodies. For those of you who don't have GPS system right now, every Friday the website will also give away a Garmin eTrex GPS unit to a randomly selected winner.

There's also some hidden clues embedded in the Project A.P.E. game that, we're told, are important to the film's storyline. These secrets will "unlock long-hidden secrets that could present a clue to our past - or a key to our future," said the studio.

This week's operation is called "Devil's Spoon" and is located in California at the coordinates N 37° 50.759 W 121° 56.041. You can view maps and discover clues about the location of the cache by visiting the Project A.P.E. website, as well as finding out what was in the cache when its eventually discovered. Remember, if you missed out on this week's hunt, every Friday a new location will be announced for the next three months!

[Announcement courtesy of 20th Century Fox.]

April 26, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: FOX has just released a high quality scan of the second Apes poster.

April 25, 2001 -- EXCLUSIVE SCOOP!

Call Scully, Mulder, and Dogget, because we have uncovered a conspiracy. Call the Lone Gunmen, too, and even Reyes.

Back in our Feb. 20 update on this page, we pointed out that if you go to the Fox Home Video website, the Apes promotional website is missing, even though older sites (for less successful videos) are still there. We also noted that the DVD site was missing, too, even though the DVDs had only been released a couple of months before. Very odd. At the time, you could still access the DVD site directly via (thanks to the reader who pointed that out to us). Well, not anymore. It reroutes you to the Fox Home Video home page. What's going on here? Is Fox burying the original franchise in order to promote the new film?

You bet. That's exactly what they're doing. We've recently heard from the author of one of the upcoming Apes books (covering the original franchise) that Fox is refusing to allow use of any photos from the original films, even behind-the-scenes photos. This is a real bummer, since the people who buy these books will WANT TO SEE PHOTOS. Needless to say, it has these publishers doing some last-minute scrambling, since the books are going to press now in order to be out for the new film's release.

This strikes us as really odd. Have they learned nothing from working with George Lucas? These are the same people that re-released the Star Wars Trilogy! Did Lucas bury Episodes IV-VI when releasing Episode I? No, he put them back in the theaters, he put them back out on video, made new toys, the works! Did he tell everyone, "No more pictures of Darth Vader. We want everyone to think of Vader as a little kid now." No! He used the original franchise to promote the new one, and made lots more money to boot. What the heck are these people thinking? Or as Adam Sandler once said (many times over), "Who are the marketing geniuses that came up with this one?"

Why invest in a property with a thirty-plus year history if you're just going to bury the history? Is Dr. Zaius running the marketing department? Has the original franchise turned into the "talking doll"?

Quoth Chuck Heston: "We were here first! And we were better than you!"

April 20, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: Next week's issue of Entertainment Weekly has a big Summer Movie Preview with lots of Apes stuff including interviews with Mark Wahlberg and Director Tim Burton, interviews in which Burton also finally comments on the human/ape love scene "it's not like you see any actual animal penetration. There's no beastiality. Nothing like that". Also, check out EW.Com later today for a series of on-set photos. Thanks to 'Jazza'

April 19, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: The new trailer will debut online this Friday at 7:30PM US-PST, Saturday 2:30AM UK-GMT and Saturday 12:30PM Australia-EST on the official site.

(Webmaster Note: This trailer is IN-FRIGGIN-CREDIBLE! We are definitely psyched about this movie! Ari (Helena Bonham Carter) still looks freakish, but much better in motion than she does in the stills). Can't wait to see it!

April 18, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: Entertainment Earth has posted up shots of the 12-inch action figures made in promotion for the upcoming "Planet of the Apes" remake and here's some shots. Thanks to 'Mr. Steele.'

March 20, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: The folks in Hawaii are going...don't make me say it cause you know exactly what word I was about to use. 'JD' has this great story from the Pacific Isles: "The main cast of POTA have been seen all over the Big Island Of Hawaii. Mark Wahlberg was seen Friday in the Price Kuhio Plaza (Mall Shopping) in Hilo. People have seen Tim Roth & Tim Burton in the plaza over the past few days. Plus it is a FACT that Mr. Heston was/is here. He was in the Hawaii Naniloa Hotel also in Hilo". Meantiime the first pics of the four Topps cards are online over at ICv2. Thanks to 'Kevin'.

March 20, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)

Harrison On 'Apes'

Chuck Heston won't be the only Planet of the Apes veteran who will be appearing in Tim Burton's remake. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Linda Harrison, who played the mute Nova in the original film as well as its sequel, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, will have a cameo in the coming flick.

While talking to the trade, Harrison spoke of the new project, saying, "There were so many people that loved the first one and adored the character that they were so gracious to me." The trade notes that, once again, Harrison will play a mute role in clothing similar to those she wore in the original Apes movies.

Webmaster Note: Needless to say, the trades are a little slow on this one. This is old news. For a photo of Linda Harrison on the set with Tim Burton and her sons, visit her official website at

March 16, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: It takes a while to load, but there's some detailled location information at Oscar Movies (and much is in Japanese), whilst filming is also going on in Hawaii with shooting set to take place in the town of Kalapana on Saturday.

March 15, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes (Scoop #1): 'Xanderhart' has more on that rumoured Lincoln Memorial shooting and comes up with an explanation that sounds quite plausible (and is potentially spoiler filled):

"I work for a hotel chain and get to talk to a lot of people coming from all over the US...Cleveland is a major legal center for federal cases being tried in the Midwest. One of the attorneys staying with us lives in DC. He and I started talking about the rumored filming around the Lincoln Memorial and he said that (1) it did happen and (2) they did not put a hat or a mask over Lincoln, but instead put a blue-screen cloth over it. Actually, the cloth was bright green supposedly. The attorney got this from a source within the US Park Service, which has lots of red tape wrapped around the protection of all US monuments.

His friend told him that Lincoln's face will be digitally removed and the face of the chimp Proteus will be placed over it. Proteus is the chimp that lands on the ape world after passing through a time rift. When Leo gets to the planet, it is already a millenia after Proteus lands. The chimp's arrival upset the natural balance of the planet long ago, with the humans of that time believing this to be some kind of God. Fast forward a thousand years and you find the Lincoln Memorial, but with Proteus the chimp in the place of the Great Emancipator. It's not Earth, but along the lines of convergent evolution the design for this monument and the famous American one are strikingly similar (like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Pyramids of the Mayans are similar)."

Planet of the Apes (Scoop #2): So why in the hell were the film crews not at the Memorial on Tuesday as thought? 'Spacemonkey' heard the following news and got it confirmed by a local radio station who ran mention of the filming and a number for people who wanted to be extras. Here's what the source had to say: "The casting agency was so inundated with calls that they started to deny the press release to people when they called them. I assure you that what the station reported is what they were originally sent. I did find out that the original tape date was changed b/c they didn't want a lot of people to show up. They never told me the new date". The official site of the film has also just been updated with a shot of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in his 'Krull' costume, a quite different look to any of the shots we've seen before. Thanks to 'Nick'.

March 14, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: Charlton Heston confirmed his cameo in the upcoming "Planet of the Apes" to Access Hollywood, saying that "I play a very ancient and wise ape". No further details given, though its suspected he'll play the role of the father of villainous General Thade (Tim Roth). Meantime in that Michael Clarke Duncan interview linked above, the actor confirmed they've shot 4-5 different endings and Burton has made his pick which he agrees with. Finally 'Nick' has this report about the rumoured Washington filming yesterday:

"I had heard for awhile that the Planet of the Apes production was going to be filming at the Lincoln Memorial on March 13. Well, I was there and NO APES. I asked a state park patrol man and he neither confirmed or denied it. But he did add a little comment that the filmmakers wanted to put either a hat or latex head ( maybe a ape head) over Abe's head"

March 14, 2001 (From Yahoo Daily News)

(Webmaster Note: Charlton Heston was interviewed recently to promote the DVD release of Ben-Hur. Naturally, he also made comments on several other topics, such as Planet of the Apes. We also have the full story on our News page.)

Ben-Hur aside, Heston also had a few more words on... director Tim Burton's much-anticipated Planet of the Apes remake:

On his upcoming cameo in Planet of the Apes: "I won't tell you," he snaps playfully, before adding, "I play this girl ape..." Heston seemed even less forthcoming about who's taking his place in the lead role. When asked about Mark Wahlberg, Heston responded: "I'm sorry, I haven't seen any of his work. Has he done a lot of stuff?" But Heston then added, "He's got a good director."

March 2, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)

Baker On & In 'Apes'

Not only did Rick Baker work on Planet of the Apes, but he was also in the film under ape make-up as well.

While talking to's Smilin' Jack Ruby, Baker spoke of his brief appearance in the film, saying, "You would have to look for me to know I was in the movie, but there’s a scene where when the human carts – we’ll see if it even ends up in the movie – comes by and they’re looking out at Ape City here, and I’m in there. I thought I’ve gotta be in here somewhere, you know. And the script said 'a group of older apes,' and I thought okay, that’s me. So it’s like an old ape is playing some kind of game and smoking a hookah, so I thought okay, I’m the old ape smoking a hookah. But it goes by pretty quickly. But it was fun."

When asked if he plays a chimp, Baker replies, "Yeah. Mainly because of size. I feel like more of a gorilla, you know, but I actually… again, when you talk about influencing – I really think we should get huge, big like body builder guys to play the gorillas. I’m usually very much against that – we need to be good actors – but these guys mostly all they do are battle. So we need like wrestler steroid kind of crazy guys, you know. And unfortunately we lost a lot of them – they said this is too hard, you know. But the gorillas are all six five and weigh three hundred pounds and they’re all muscle. I’m too small to be a gorilla."

Read the entire interview with Baker by clicking here.

February 27, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)

'Apes' Pics

The official Planet of the Apes website has posted a number of shots from the upcoming film.

Click on the picture shown to see the larger images. Click here and follow the links (through lots of Flash stuff) to see more.

On Wednesday afternoon, the site will also post the film's first trailer.

February 26, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

PLANET OF THE APES official site goes live!

Greetings, you dirty apes! ROBOGEEK here with a hairy multimedia fix to kick off your week.

Earlier this evening, the official website for Tim Burton's "reimagined" PLANET OF THE APES (alternately approached with anticipation and apprehension by geeks everywhere) went live at - where else? -

The site is a funky-fresh phantasmagoria of Flash-enabled goodness, though a little thin on actual substance at the moment. However, it promises to debut the long-awaited teaser trailer this Wednesday at noon PST / 3pm EST in yummy QuickTime goodness. (Ah, the folks at Fox have taste!)

In the meantime, the site offers four new (at least to me) photos, including the one I've pasted below (which'll be up until Fox legal tells us to take it down) - and a one-minute behind-the-scenes QuickTime interview with Tim Burton. It doesn't really say much of anything, but it does offer some glimpses of honest-to-goodness "making of" footage.

Remember - AYBABTU,

- Robogeek

P.S.: Oh, is it just me, or is "Rule The Planet" just about the suckiest tagline this side of "You will find adventure or adventure will find you"? (Sounds like studio marketing folks could use a dose of Flower Power. Or something.)

February 26, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)

'Apes' Trailer Online

The first trailer for the coming Planet of the Apes remake is going to be turning up online this week. On Wednesday, the preview will appear on the film's official website.

Webmaster Note: Holy, crap! You gotta see this website! We are OFFICIALLY DYING to see this trailer, and the movie now! This looks FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE!

February 21, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: There's been two confirmations today that'll get fans going ape. First up is the new teaser trailer which aired at the NY Toy Fair the other day. The good news is that FOX has sent out official papers to various exhibitors saying it will be delivered next week and will begin appearing next Friday (March 2nd) in theatres (expect it to hit the Net very shortly after). This Friday however begins displays of a new 7ft standee which you can see a picture of on the right. Thanks to 'Theatrenazi', 'ApesAlive' & 'Captain Roz'

(Webmaster Note: The standee recently sold on eBay for $100.)

February 20, 2000

Well, the official site for the remake hasn't shown up yet, but we can tell you how to get there. Just go to, of course. Previously, this URL was owned by someone who purchased it for their own use. Now, it redirects you to the Fox Movies main site. As of this date, Planet of the Apes still isn't even listed as "coming soon," but we hope that with the first teaser poster already in theaters and the teaser trailer already having been screened at the Toy Fair (and hopefully on it's way to theaters soon), it won't be much longer before POTA is added to the site.

On a similar note, while browsing through the Fox Home Video website, we noticed that Planet of the Apes is conspicuously absent from their archives of promotional websites. This is very odd, considering that they just released the DVD set mere months ago and their archive contains sites that are much, MUCH older. We can only presume that this was done to eliminate confusion between the original series and the new film. Sounds like a missed opportunity for cross-promotion to us.

February 19, 2001 (from Coming Attractions)

We continue our killer Planet of the Apes coverage today by debuting another huge scoop: images taken from some sort of Apes promotional publication! Thanks to the efforts of our amazing scooper, 'Saigon Jinn', we now have your first looks at Mark Wahlberg, Estella Warren, Tim Roth, Paul Giamatti, close-ups of Michael Clarke Duncan and Helena Bonham Carter in their ape makeup, conceptual sketches of various characters and scenes, and action shots of actors participating in ape school!

There's nineteen amazing images to show you, so let's just dive straight in and work our way through them, shall we?

Webmaster Note: Click on the above link or on the photo to go to Coming Attractions. These photos all but eliminate fears that rose up from the photos that appeared on American Mule (see previous story). They all look terrific, except for Helena Bonham Carter's make-up, which looks even worse than what was shown on American Mule. And what's up with that mop-top hairstyle? Despite this, we are now DYING to see the trailer!

February 16, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Upcoming Trailers and Posters: 'TheatreNazi' has been with DH for a while and helped out a lot with that recent "Planet of the Apes" poster scoop very late last year. Now comes an update from him that should make some people's mouths water:

"The new Planet of the Apes 1-sheet is supposed to be out next week after President's Day. Also, I've gotten word the teaser 1-sheet for Lord of the Rings will be out be the end of March from the letter that was with the LOTR calendar (very nice) sent out to movie theatres. Finally, I received a trailer request form from Sony for trailer placement of upcoming movies. Listed under Final Fantasy, they have Spiderman (tsr-attached), The One (enclosed), Ghost of Mars (enclosed)."

February 13, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

PLANET OF THE APES trailer and New York Gala unveiled

Hey folks, Harry here with a couple reports that have come in from a New York City big Ape Spectacular. Our first report is a bit vague but well, the second linked review of the evening is still more complete (Webmaster Note: We have the full report below). Sounds like some cool stuff went down... If only I had stayed an extra day. Sigh....

Hey Harry,

I surprised not to see anything on the Planet of the Apes (POTA) teaser at the Toy Fair yesterday (Sunday). You may not have gotten them posted, but in case no ones goes.

There was a screening of the Planet of the Apes teaser at the Toy Fair in NYC yesterday. It was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom (where the night before the post-party for V-Day was held. Parties for vaginas to parties for apes. Gotta love New York.).

At the check-in booth, everyone was given a necklace w/ some abstract ape on the front. So far, no one I've showed it to since has been able to figure out what it is. After checking in you had to wait to take (one of the two) elevators to the 7th floor. I only mention this because that Famka chick from X-Men cut in front of everyone.

Once upstairs you walked through this corrider of waiters in black t-shirts. I'm assuming these were the actors who couldn't get hired as Power Rangers for the Fair. Also, I think was a way to keep everyone away from the bar. The place was crowded when we got there, but we were still able to get seats up front (although on the side).

The place was decorated w/ a bunch of large posters on scaffolding.

A bunch of Fox guys spoke. If I had been the Marketing Guy who used every bad ape pun in the world, I would have said "Foxy" guys...however, I'm not so I won't.

First off was the aforemention Punster. Then the Head of Fox spoke. Neither had much to say, except for all this hype crap: Gonna Rule the Planet, blah, blah... One even said that POTA was the most successful Sci-Fi franchise in history. I guess a little thing like Stars Wars (which is also Fox) slipped his mind (or Star Trek, even). They did say that this one is different: Not planet earth and therefore, no Statue of Liberty.

Then the make-up guy spoke (who's name is TOTALLY slipping my mind & I don't have time to go look it up. Sorry, I know I'm gonna get slammed for that.) (Webmaster Note: he's right, and referring to one of the masters of filmmaking, Rick Baker). He was the only who was actually entertaining. He said that "POTA was the reason he was put on this planet." They did mention that he would be demonstrating the make-up at the Hasbro showroom today.

Finally, they showed the teaser. Let me say, overall it was pretty exciting. Darker looking than the first, but all this is to be expected (i.e. Tim Burton). It starts w/ Mark Walhberg escaping from (I'm assuming) a space capsul underwater. It seemed like a lot of the early stuff is in a Yoda-esqe jungle. RULE. You get desert stuff. THE. Various apes. PLANET. That kinda thing. It was a teaser, so all pretty fast cuts flying at you. And the apes fly/leap a lot.

There did seem to be some weird flirting going on by Helena Bonham Carter. I wouldn't be surprised if she & Steve Austin got it on (i.e. Tim Burton). Although, she was the only ape that didn't look good. She looks like Shirley MacLaine in Madame Sousatzka. Not a good sign. And the human girl, who talks this time, looks like some surfer chick.

As far as plot, it seemed like it was fairly similar. Crashes, meets the humans, gets captured, meets the doctor, who helps him escape and although then he leads some sort of human revolt.

I don't know if this making any sense. It was pretty fast. Later they showed some "Dailies," which was basically a rough trailer. So, I may be combining the two.

Overall, I'd relunctly say I'm still psyched. Maybe my hopes were too high? The thing is: I like Tim Burton, but always wish he was a better storyteller. I feel like his visuals are oftentimes replacements for plot. I'm hoping that won't be the case here. I loved the original (I even had the board game as a kid) and I think it's a great story.

Also, Mark Walhberg spoke, looking good in a buzzcut. Said that his only fear (even post Boogie Nights) was filling Charlton Heston's loincloth.

The topper of the night were the parade of apes. They looked great, but it was a little silly. They came marching out like the Winkies from Wizard of Oz. One even jumped from the balcony (w/ a little help from some wires). Then mixed it up w/ the audience (at least the ones on the aisle, which I wasn't). They kept it pretty dark, but I still think they were pretty impressive.

Sorry, if I'm rushing here. I'm late to meet friends for Hannibal (See, not everyone saw it this weekend).

Like I said, I'm still psyched. It should be huge. Let's just hope it's also good. I'll be clutching my lil' monkey pendant, looking forward to July 27 - unless you (or one of your minions) tell me before hand that it sucks.

(Webmaster Note: For even more on the Toy Fair, see below and our News page.)

February 13, 2001 (from Home Theater Forum)

Planet Of The Apes - Special Report

I am having so much fun! Another terrific weekend!

To this day, Planet of the Apes remains my all-time favorite science fiction movie. As a child, I was mesmerized by the Ape characters and makeup. As an adult, I was intriqued by the fact that APES actually had a deep dark message about war, at a time Americans were fighting in Vietnam.

Thirty Two years later, Fox is finally bringing an updated version of Planet of The Apes to the screen. Under the direction of Tim Burton, this movie is THE most anticipated movie of the Summer. And, like the original, this movie also promises a moral message to leave the theater with.

Hype is already beginning.

I was absolutely elated to receive an invitation from Fox to attend a special Merchandising event in New York City this weekend. The invitation I received promised that I would have the opportunity to see "first look at special footage". Other than that, I had no idea what to expect out of this event, and I went in without any huge expectations.

I arrived at the Manhattan Center, and was given a silver APES necklace as my admittance. With hundreds of people in tow, we all climbed the stairs to the uppermost floor of the building, where we were led into a large ballroom. The sounds of thumping were heard as soundtrack music from the new film were playing out of giant speakers hanging above the ballroom floor. Huge rectangular metal structures surrounded us, holding giant banners of Ape characters from the new movie. We were in for a party!

We were all handed press kits (which you see a picture of above). The picture on the cover is the very first of many character teaser posters that Fox is now putting in theaters across the nation. The PLANET OF THE APES logo remains basically the same, as it sits against the swirling design of an Ape Warrior's helmet.

At about 5:30, the presentation began. We first heard from a few Fox representatives that headed up licensing and marketing for the studio. With the help of an overhead slideshow, they mapped out the extensive advertising campaign that Fox will be unleashing shortly. This will actually be the largest advertising campaign that Fox has done for ANY movie in their history. In addition to magazine articles, there will be behind-the-scenes documentaries appearing on HBO in the upcoming months. This month, from what I understand, VANITY FAIR magazine has a large picture layout taken from the set of the film.

It's amazing that over the years, Fox has received more requests for a PLANET OF THE APES remake than any other film. Fox had been planning to do this film for years, and could have done it at any time. It was explained to us, however, that the studio wanted the project done right. They wanted the right script, the right actors, and the right Director.

Everything seemed to come together for Fox at the right time. A remarkable script was completed by William Broyles Jr., who wrote CASTAWAY. Then, Hollywood's most impressingly creative talent, TIM BURTON (Batman, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare Before Christmas) came aboard to Direct the project. The icing on the cake came when rennowned make-up artist, Rick Baker (Greystoke, An American Werewolf in London, Nutty Professor) agreed to do the ape makeup. Joining Mr. Burton once again, is composer Danny Elfman, doing the movie score.

PLANET OF THE APES began principal photography on November 6, and will wrap in April, 2001. The film is shooting in Trona Pinnacles in Ridgecrest California, an alien-like landscape of dry lakebeds; the jungles and lava fields of Hawaii; and in Lake Powell, Arizona.

Tim's choice to take on the lead role was Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights, Three Kings) who plays Leo, a young pilot who finds himself in a world turned upside down, after landing on a strange planet. Joining the cast is Tim Roth, (Pulp Fiction) as Thade, the powerful General of the ape army; Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club) as Ari, a chimpanzee and "human rights" activist who aids Leo; Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) as Attar, the most feared warrior in Thade's army.

PLANET OF THE APES is NOT a remake of the original movie. It does NOT take place on Earth, and there is NO Statue of Liberty. The film, however, has a very big surprise at the end (which a friend of mine ruined for me already). I think it will add an interesting twist to an already twisted story.

The first surprise guest of the evening is announced. Imagine my shock to hear it is none other than Rick Baker, the master of movie makeup. Out comes an elderly and handsome man, with long silver hair tied back in a pony-tail. Though fighting the flu, Rick was kind enough to come all the way out to NY to address the crowd.

Rick briefly talks about his meeting with Tim Burton. The story goes that Rick had just completed NUTTY PROFESSOR II. He wanted to take a year off, away from film, and spend time with his family. About 1-2 months into his hiatus, Rick receives a phone call at home from Tim Burton. Tim tells Rick that he is Directing the upcoming new PLANET OF THE APES movie, and wants Rick to do the makeup. Although Rick wanted to take the year off, he did not hesitate to come aboard. According to Rick Baker, "I was born to do PLANET OF THE APES." He now spends his time on the set making up hundreds of Apes. The actors and actresses sit an average of 5 or 6 hours getting into makeup. The makeup is so complex, that food is eaten through a straw.

Back at the party....

It was time for us to view the very first trailer to be released. Mind you, this was a very exciting moment because we were actually the FIRST audience to have this trailer shown to. I only remember bits and pieces of what I am about to tell you of this trailer, as there was just so many quick cuts of scenes shown with characters and events I was unfamiliar with.

The lights go dark. The MPAA preview bar appears. Blackness. Static appears on the screen. A female Mayday distress call is heard. The Fox logo appears... BAM! Mark Wahlberg is in the water rising to the surface. We see a desert planet with the familiar scarecrows. We see Wahlberg captured, being taken in a caged wagon to Ape City. A tribal council of talking apes is seen. Wahlberg is confused as to where he is -- has choker collar around his neck. Sunset over a desert city with what appears to be teepee-like houses. A band of Ape soldiers with heavy armor and headgear raising their staffs as they go into battle. We see Wahlberg racing through a thick jungle with what appears to be a band of rebel apes. He makes a comment about the "hostile" planet he has landed on.

Lights go up -- applause.

The second surprise guest was even more shocking than the first. The crowd went wild as lead actor, Mark Wahlberg took stage. Mark had just flown in from the West Coast, where just the day before, he was filming the movie.

Mark recalls his first meeting with Tim Burton. Mark tells Burton that he would do ANYTHING asked for the role -- except that he did not want to wear a loin-cloth like Charlton Heston did. Jokingly, Mark Wahlberg exclaims that he's a lot different than his fictional "Dirk Diggler" character.

Mark also tells us that he gets up everyday at 5am to drive out to the set, knowing that day he is going to get his ass-kicked by some 500lb. Gorilla. Yet, he smiles and says that it is all worth it.

We once again have the opportunity to see more EXCLUSIVE first-time footage from the upcoming PLANET OF THE APES. We are told that what we are about to see is a collection of "dailies" shot from the week before. We were warned that it was rough cuts and that the sound was not complete. Imagine our surprise when we saw a quite polished 4-minute collection of scenes from the movie. Most of the scenes are extended shots taken from the trailer. There is one scene in the jungle where he flees with a band of rebel Apes. Wahlenberg cockily refers to the APES as monkees, to which an accompanying Ape takes offense and leaps on him demanding an apology.

My personal thoughts on what I had seen....

This film looks tremendous. Burton was the absolute right choice for Directing this film. His sets look eerie and breathtaking. The ape makeup looks fantastic. Facial makeup is more pronounced than the original Apes makeup allowing more natural facial expressions to come through. In fact, the apes look more human in this movie as there aren't layers of makeup. Noses are more pronounced as are the cheeks and lips.

I am also confused about the humans in this movie. They talk. I am uncertain whether these humans came to the planet with Wahlberg, or they are native.

I was with two friends who were huge fans of the original APES series. All three of us agreed that this film looks to live up to expectations.

The party ended with an "assault" of apes. With strobe-lights flashing, fully costumed APES came from the stage and some even flew from the balcony. The makeup and costumes were extremely impressive.

Make no mistake about it, Fox is proclaiming this movie as the EVENT of the new millenium, and they have poured a huge amount of money into not only the film, but the promotion of it. In the upcoming months you are going to be seeing a lot of APES in magazines, on the official website, and in cable featurettes. Let us not forget the multiple trailers that will be showing in theaters over the next 5 months. The first trailer may only be a teaser, but it does show enough to get your blood pumping.

Apes Rule The Planet on July 27, 2001.

February 13, 2001 (from Movies)

Planet of the Apes Remake Scoop

While doing interviews for his latest film, See Spot Run, Michael Clarke Duncan revealed some details of this Summer's Planet of the Apes remake. Tim Burton directs Mark Wahlberg and Kris Kristofferson as humans and Duncan as the ape warrior Attar.

"It's a lot different [than the original]," Duncan said. "It's not a spin-off. It's totally different because in the original Planet of the Apes they had a lot of guns. We don't have any guns. We have really foreign weapons like clubs and stuff of that nature."

Duncan went on to describe two of the action scenes in which he performed.

"I have a fight with Kris and he's running at me with a lit spear," Duncan explained. "Before we do it I say, 'Now, I'm gonna go right. You go right so we'll go like this." Duncan demonstrated missing each other. "I said, 'Don't you go left when I go right because we'll run right into each other. At a couple of feet veer and then the camera will come close on me.' But Kris got extremely close with that lit spear and at the last second I just kind of went back and slid. I wiped his feet right out from under him. That was right before I did my ankle.

"I was injured doing a leap that I knew I could do," Duncan recalled. "It's where Attar, my character, sees something, comes down, runs and leaps these three steps. I did it 15 times before lunch, but this was after lunch. Tim [Burton] was like, 'Okay, we're gonna start from that scene again' and I'm like, 'Uh, the leap scene?' He said, 'Yeah, I've got some more ideas.' So, I'm telling myself, 'Come on, you're not tired, you're not tired.' So we did it five more times and I told him, 'You know what? This is my last one. I'm not leaping like I was.' I didn't have the power I did before lunch. So he said, 'Okay, give me one more and we'll move to something else.' So I ran, did this one more, and my left heel caught the last step and I rolled it. It was a bad sprain. I tore a couple of ligaments on my foot and it really hurt. I just thought, 'Man, this is so clumsy of me.' The hard part was going to the emergency room in the makeup. That was silly. The minute I got wheeled in, in all my ape armor and my big paw feet up, I said, 'Do you guys remember The Green Mile? That's me.'"

After Apes, Duncan will costar in The Scorpion King, a spinoff of The Rock's character in The Mummy Returns.

"I'm excited, but you have to be a little bit intimidated because The Rock is this icon from the WWF and he has the type of face that no matter where he goes, he will be more recognizable than I think most actors in Hollywood. I told him, 'Look, I don't try to become a wrestler. Don't think you're gonna make a career and springboard off of me. This is my domain.' But I'm really happy to work with him because he's a real good friend of mine."

February 9, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: The latest issue of Vanity Fair has some Apes-related shots and MovieHeadlines posted some of them up - click the thumbnail to check 'em out. Thanks to 'Scott' & JPM

Planet of the Apes (Scoop #2): While I can't include them I can say I scored a look at some storyboards today and three scenes can be made out. One great scene has a whole row of gorillas chucking flaming projectiles and bolos (those ropes with heavy balls on the end) but the left arms have elongated 'curved launchers' on them. The second has Leo (Wahlberg), humans and some apes on a cliff looking down on a beach filled with tents when a gorilla guard hears them. The third scene has Leo and the water-averse Ari (Carter) heading out into the surf as he tells her "I won't let go of you". Thanks to 'Tickle Me Orangutang'

February 5, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)

Burton Talks 'Apes'

Tim Burton is explaining how his Planet of the Apes is not a true remake of the classic '60s film. While talking to the Calgary Sun, Burton spoke of the currently in production project, saying, "We're trying to be completely respectful of the original, but we've added new characters and new story elements. You could say we are keeping the essence of the original, but inhabiting that world in a different way."

Burton also speaks of Tim Roth's character in the film, the chimpanzee General Thade, revealing that he is "definitely the villain of the piece. And a really clear-cut villain."

February 5, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: The latest Film Four guide in the UK had an interview with Helena Bonham Carter during which she was asked about her role as an 'Ape Princess': "I'm not actually an ape princess anymore - they demoted me. I'm not even allowed to keep the crown. But it's great to be an ape anyway - it's very liberating. You could get away with murder, literally do anything 'cos no-one knows who you are - you could be anyone under there. It's tempting to go off and rob a bank or something. You spend so much time in make-up that you start to think about these things". So what sort of things has she been involved in: "It's been fantastic. The other night I was having fireballs thrown at me. I was in the water as a drowning chimp and then Tim says 'OK, we're gonna throw fireballs at you now!' So it's stuff like that. And Tim just has this mad energy - hair and limbs flying everywhere. It's hilarious, sitting about on the set watching little groups of extras walk past practising their ape-walk and knowing they're on their way back from [ape] school". Thanks to 'Jamie'

February 2, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

Wanna see a couple of Pics from PLANET OF THE APES that just RULE?

Hey folks, Harry here with a pair of gorgeous shots from PLANET OF THE APES... I think this first shot of Mark is excellent. I really dig the look of it, but more so the last shot which purports to be Michael Clark Duncan... Well, I've seen similar shots, but I have not seen the lower part of this picture... the chest piece before. I like this more subdued less garishly colored stuff. Really dynamic and creepy. Check out the third pic at the link below! Enjoy and thanks to our friends in Brazil for letting the rest of the world in on their excellent scoop!

Hi Harry:

Remember our Tomb Raider exclusive pics at SetOnline.Com.Br ? Now we have three greats pics from Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES. I never seen anywhere the Mark Wahberg piece. It's the coolest thing. We have two more pics in high-resolution: one showing Michael Clarke Duncan fully in make-up and another one that i've never seen showing Tim Burton directing Wahlberg.

All the three pics are OFFICIAL. SET ONLINE is the virtual counterpart of portuguese-language magazine SET, published in Brasil.

Click Here to see them.

I think You will like it a lot and I hope they are really news to you.

Thanx again


January 30, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)


Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Got a letter today from SCOOPY-DOO, the same guy who's been notifying me each time AMERICAN MULE has put up a batch of PLANET OF THE APES photos. I like the makeup we're seeing, even if I'm not sold on the costumes. Bottom line, though, is that these photos haven't been enough to judge. I pray that this stands as a testament to what Rick Baker does best. It would be fitting...

Yo Moriarty -

Thought you guys might be interested in the latest POTA update:


They put up the one-sheet from the movie, which has a basic plot outline (without giving too much away) and details the characters. You may have already seen it, so you know it looks pretty damn cool.

It's not really a one-sheet so much as it looks like something prepared for potential licensing partners. Interesting stuff on there. Pretty much confirms everything we've heard so far. Nice character to actor comparisons, too.

So as soon as I get this story up, COMING ATTRACTIONS runs an APES story that's full of details and images that you've also gotta check out. The more I hear, the more I'm interested. Good work being done by various spies on this film, and you owe it to yourself to follow all the links and see what's out there if you're interested at all. It's pretty cool...

"Moriarty" out.

January 30, 2001 (from Coming Attractions)

(Webmaster Note: We only posted the first bit of this piece. For the full story with accompanying images, follow the link above to Coming Attractions.)

Okay. Go get a cup of coffee, because this next report is with a great largeness and should be treated with the appropriate amount of caffeine necessary. JangoFett24 is back with a report from the set of this film, and has delivered with a vengeance. So Jango has the conch, everyone, we'll just punctuate the excitement of his report with questions to let you know what's coming. And we'll make swipable anything we consider to be SPOILERS. Because there are some.

When can we expect the first trailer, you ask?

"Was eating lunch one day in the catering tent when guess who sits down next to me? Dick Zanuck!! I asked him when we would see the first trailer and he said officially: President's Day. By the way, nice guy."

How's the movie stacking up?

"Look for MAJOR action in it...look for alot of fading in and out shots of BAD ASS action...the chimpanzee warriors of the red ape army galloping in a quadripedal position through a misty jungle, and a lot more action beats."

How's the makeup?

"I have PERSONALLY seen the FINAL makeup for Thade, a chimpanzee general, from about 8 inches away from MY FACE and let me just say, ANYONE who says ANYTHING about these makeup jobs in a negative context should be force fed Ape crap, because the sheer amazement and nuclear kick-assness of this stuff is BEYOND ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER EVER SEEN!!!! They gave Thade a REALLY fiercesome visage. His nose looks sort of like Dracula's Bat and wolf form crossed from Coppola's show. VERY scary. You can LITERALLY NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE between this makeup and real flesh, even from inches away. It is just REAL. Thade has big fangs, I believe contacts and a bad ass slicked back longer hair in black with traditional brown and greyish color scheme. Just beyond imagination. He has an elongated black helmet with a matching black and grey color scheme.

"His chest plate has a SWEET carving of two golden demonic monkeys at opposing angles. REALLY freaky. He rides a horse fitted with kick ass full armour. The head piece has a small spike rising from the head, with sectioned plating down the back. Oh, by the way, be prepared to see chimpanzee soldiers galloping at 45 miles an hour in battle--They will be passing EVEN the horses as they charge into war as the cavalry."

January 26, 2001 (from Coming Attractions)

Movie has posted the National Enquirer page showing Helena Bonham Carter with and without her ape makeup. Follow the link to see the monkey. [Scott Chitwood dropped us a line, and so did 'The Deadly Cherub'.]

January 24, 2001 (from Coming Attractions)

Over these past few weeks on the Internet, we've seen the release of the look of the simians from Planet of the Apes. First it was through ape make-up test stills posted online by American Mule, followed by England tabloid The Sun publishing a shot of Helena Bonham Carter in her ape princess makeup. We've also received a report that the Carter makeup photo appears in this week's National Enquirer.

With the look of the apes at least partially unveiled, the ball was in Fox's court on how to release the first officially sanctioned look at one of these guys. That came this past weekend when the Sunday "Calendar" section of the Los Angeles Times newspaper ran one of its previews of the year's upcoming releases...and in it was this look of a gorilla from Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes (right).

As the previous Mule photos first showed, Rick Baker's design of the apes deviates very minorly from the look design by John Chambers for the original film. In fact, this photo may have been the sitll used to create the teaser poster we first saw last year. The look of the gorilla and the gorilla's helmet fit the design seen in the poster almost perfectly.

January 24, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

AICN's 8000th Story!!! Official Plot for PLANET OF THE APES Revealed!!!

Hey folks, Harry here.... 8000 stories.... MAAAAAN.... That's alot. I guess for the 8000th one, it had better be pretty cool, so I guess this is... 20th Century Fox's Belgium department went and dropped the ball on the plotline to Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES. It was in Flemish, but lucky for us, our spies know spies that know Flemish! Otherwise, you would really be up a creek paddle-less... Well, here's to the next 8000 stories! Here ya go....

Harry, didn't see this on your site. It's pretty cool I guess, but I would have rather had them follow the original film's storyline, rather than the original novel's. I like the idea that there's a big twist in the end though, although it can't be the Statue of Liberty because it was confirmed the story doesn't take place on Earth.

The following can be considered an "official" plot summary of POTA. It comes directly from 20th Century Fox...though in a roundabout way. It was posted on their Fox Belgium site in Flemish. Fortunately, I know someone who speaks here's a translation

The year: 2029. The place: distant space. The situation: On board the space station OBERON interstellar exploration-missions are assigned to chimpanzees that have been trained by human astronauts.

After receiving an alien signal from outer space, the chimp PERICLES is sent out in a high-tech exploration-vessel. As he's heading towards the destination, suddenly he loses all contact to the space station and disappears from its radars.

The fearless [note from translator: yeah, that's the style this is written in ] astronaut LEO DAVIDSON ignores his commander's orders and boards another one-man exploration-vessel to save PERICLES.

This vessel, too, starts to have troubles, but before he knows it, LEO's survival-equipment goes out and he loses consciousness.

When he finally comes to, his vessel is scraping against the tree tops of jungle-like woods before it crashes into the mud. The second he's finally found ground under his feet, LEO is almost run over by a herd [they're like animals, right?] of scared, primitive humans.

He only manages to notice the tattoos on their faces, before he gets captured along with the humans by barbaric, speaking apes, who rule over the human race on this planet.

After a daring escape, LEO gathers a group of rebellious humans and willing apes to look for the OBERON, in the hope to be saved. He makes a great impression on both the apes and humans in his group and wins their trust.

Strengthened by the knowledge that humans and apes can live together as equals [aaaaaaaw!], LEO & Co. fight against an establishment of systematic misinformation and against a merciless group of war-hungry apes who're on their pursuit.

Confronted with this upside-down world, LEO's heart, conscience and military training lead him to organize a great human rebellion, demanding full freedom for the human race. While LEO's organizing his strategies for the impending war, he makes a very important and shocking discovery that changes his insight into this world completely, and immediately increases his personal importance in the battle even further.

Sir Schreck

January 23, 2001 (from the Internet Movie Database)

Michael Clarke Duncan's Hospital Embarrassment

Movie star Michael Clarke Duncan was left embarrassed during a recent hospital trip, after spraining his ankle on the set of Planet of the Apes (2001) - because he didn't have time to take off his gorilla make-up. The hulking 6 ft. 5 in. actor is currently recovering from the on-set injury, and he says he'll never forget his trip to the hospital. He says, "I caught my heel and went down like a five-ton elephant, but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that I had to go to the emergency room with my make-up on - full armour and everything. There were like 25 people in there, and they all turned around and looked at me like, `What? They got a gorilla coming in here in a wheelchair."

January 18, 2001 (from the Internet Movie Database)

Michael Clarke Duncan Sprains Ankle As An Ape

Michael Clarke Duncan has sprained his ankle on the set of Planet of the Apes (2001). The larger-than-life actor, who plays a primate in Tim Burton's remake of the 1967 movie, was over vigorous in a running scene at Sony Studios, Hollywood on Monday morning and twisted his ankle. Duncan star was sent straight to hospital where he was treated for a sprain. The movie's stars Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter and Kris Kristofferson are having to spend hours in make-up to transform themselves into apes. Bonham Carter has to get up at 1am to have her Ape Princess make-up applied and all the actors, with the exception of Mark Wahlberg who plays the human role played by Charlton Heston in the original, have to wear special teeth. Heston, on the other hand, will have to wear the teeth in his cameo as an ape.

Webmaster Note: Kris Kristofferson doesn't play an ape, he plays a human.

January 16, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

Planet of the Apes chimpMore Pics on PLANET OF THE APES ReMake

Hey folks, Harry here. I have never not loved a Tim Burton film to date.... and never in my life have I seen designs in advance of a Tim Burton film that gave me pause. When he was working on SUPERMAN, some of what we heard was going on seemed bizarre and perhaps inappropriate for Supes... but when the pre-production designs began leaking... they looked fab. BUT these pictures that AMERICAN MULE have been releasing.... Well the quality of the pictures are so starkly lit to take away from the lushness that Oscar Winning DP Philippe Rousselot brings to it... and when it is placed in the context of the sets and is moving... PERHAPS it will all work, but that Ape armor looks like crap in these photos. The helmets and color schemes remind me of the extreme skateboarder look.... which, so far I've never associated with Apes storylines.... BUT who knows... maybe it'll work! maybe.... Hopefully...P.S. I'm not knocking Rick Baker's work... I think the make-up... especially on the CHIMPS is fantastic.... it is just... that armor BLOWS in these pictures... what is up with the flourescent color scheme? But like I said, we'll just have to wait and see in the context of the final film. Remember, when AMERICAN MULE had those X-MEN shots... they kinda sucked too... just like the ones that were here. They were accurate, but they were never meant to be static. We'll have to see how everything comes together... that's why it is a MOVie and not a STILie!

to Harry

I haven't seen this on your site so I decided to send you this link. When clicking below you shall be led to some of the single coolest monkey pictures from Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. Seriously.

After seeing the vomit-inducing first batch of pictures from this movie, I must say that I was skeptical about the remake. These pics, though, have re-established my faith in Burton.

good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

Truman Burbank

Webmaster Note: Click on the pic to see all the images on American Mule. We're convinced now that these are all test shots. You'll notice that the Gorillas and the Orang are all wearing "ape-shape" padding, and no costumes. These shots look much better, though, as Harry said, the costumes will need to be seen in the context of the film. The last photo of Ari (which was also in the first batch) is of Helena Bonham Carter, or her character, at least. Now, if American Mule would just drop the dumb captions...

January 16, 2000


Webmaster Note: After seeing the first batch of photos from American Mule, we started to get worried. So, we decided to get some confirmation for ourselves, and went to one of our sources who has worked on BOTH the original and the new film. Here's what our source had to say:

"As far as the costumes, and I haven't seen the site, but I have seen them up close... I can tell you they are terrific, not just in quality, but in the art work. Everything about this new Apes is better than the first."

January 16, 2001 (From Variety)

Archerd: Visiting ``Planet of the Apes'' set

By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - I'm back from a trip to the ``Planet of the Apes.''

Actually, it's my third visit to the ``Planet.'' My first was on July 10, 1967. At that time, I asked Charlton Heston, who played the astronaut, if he would have agreed to have played one of the ape roles, which at that time required three hours of makeup. He said, ``For a good part I'd wear any makeup.''

Despite the success of the first ``Planet,'' in which he owned a percentage, Heston told producer Arthur P. Jacobs he would not do a sequel. But the movie was a huge success and Richard Zanuck, who ran 20th Century Fox at the time, asked Heston to again appear in a ``Planet.'' After much persuasion, Heston agreed on two conditions: that his role required no more than one week -- and that his character was killed off. Zanuck agreed. Heston returned.

Fade into the year 2000 and Zanuck, readying to produce the new ``Planet of the Apes,'' invited Heston to breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel and again asked him to come aboard, this time playing an ape. Heston agreed to test four hours of makeup and said he'd play a role -- one day -- in the creation by five-time Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker.

I found Zanuck, Baker, film director Tim Burton and cast members Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter, Kris Kristofferson, Michael Clarke Duncan and 150 apes on Stage 30 at Sony Studios. (It is a Fox feature but there's no vacancy on that busy lot for a set this size.) The stage is transformed by Rick Heinrichs into the apes' city of Derkein; it is multi-terraced, with ape homes carved into the sides of a mountain whose many caverns provide the humans with temporary escape from their ape captors.

Baker's makeup is advanced from the original by John Chambers, who won an Oscar for his work. Even the most subtle facial expression is translated. I touched the cheek of Bonham Carter (as simian Ari) and it felt totally human. She loves playing the part despite the fact she was in makeup at one a.m.! Duncan demonstrated how each facial muscle camouflaged in makeup responded to our conversation. He got a huge laugh (also visible) when Zanuck said he'd bring him down to a Lakers game -- in his ape makeup and costume.

The ape teeth of the principal (speaking) apes are also specifically created, and at mealtime, makeup assistants help remove the dental appliances so the actors may eat; the teeth are sterilized and appropriately marked and readied for when the ``apes'' return to work. The creation of the facial appliances is so critical, Baker told me only one in five appliances evolves to his satisfaction after days of work.

Stage 30 is separated from the rest of the studio by large black curtains drawn across the surrounding streets to prevent prying eyes of mere human actors working on other stages. Trams with blackened windows circle back and forth to the stage from a staging area on Washington Blvd. for makeup, hair, costumes and food. But there is a crafts services table outside the stage and it was funny watching the ``apes'' munching on (real) bananas.

Richard Zanuck, the epitome of a working movie producer, is on the set every day, working and watching each take with Tim Burton. Both say they are enjoying their work immensely. Zanuck proudly tells me that Burton is on schedule and budget. This ``Apes'' is in the $100 million neighborhood, compared to $5 million for the first. It will be in theaters July 27, leaving little time for post-production. But Burton and Zanuck say there is not a lot of f/x in this film, compared to many of Burton's previous pix. There is, however, a large blue screen at one end of the massive set, giving the opportunity to expand the ``city'' to even greater depths. There will be little digital use in the film; but when the company moves to a location in the desert next week, a cast of 300 apes will be used, and they will be digitalized to even greater numbers.

Despite the passage of over 30 years, Zanuck told me he feels Arthur Jacobs' presence on the set. He credits Jacobs for the original film being made. But, in my column of July 11, 1967, I quoted Jacobs saying, ``No one but Zanuck had the courage to buy it.'' Franklin Schaffner, who directed the first ``Apes,'' also gave credit to Zanuck. Schaffner called the picture ``a contemporary message picture, not sci-fiction.''

The original film's classic final scene of the (buried) Statue of Liberty's head squeezing through the earth, carried through that message. As for the tag scene of the 2001 version, Zanuck promised me, it will be ``thought-provoking.''

The Zanuck company starts two more films in six weeks: ``Road to Perdition,'' with Tom Hanks starring, Sam Mendes directing, and ``Reign of Fire,'' starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale for director Rob Bowan. All three Zanuck Co. pix (wife Lili Fini Zanuck is in Ireland readying ``Reign of Fire'') will positively wind before the strike deadline, Dick Zanuck promises.

A week after Mark Wahlberg winds ``Apes,'' he wings to Paris to start the ``Charade,'' remake also to wind pre-strike deadline.

As for the possibility (probability?) of the strike(s), Zanuck too wishes former MCA chairman Lew Wasserman could (again) settle Hollywood's labor woes. Why can't Zanuck step in to do it? He's been part of this biz all his life and knows everyone's importance -- or lack of same.

Reuters/Variety REUTERS

January 15, 2001 (From Cinescape Online)

Lisa Marie Goes 'Apes'

Odds are that it won't surprise you at all to hear that Lisa Marie has a small part in Tim Burton's upcoming remake of Planet of the Apes. According to Variety, the actress who has been in every Burton film starting with Ed Wood, will take on the role of a female ape in the flick.

January 10, 2001 (From Empire Online)

On Set With The Apes

Inside one of the vast sound stages at Sony Pictures’ Culver City lot in Los Angeles, closely guarded from the outside world is Ape City. On initial, eye-popping encounter, it’s a fantastical jungle enclave; soaring outcrops of rock shrouded in mist and choked with trailing vines, twisting undergrowth and massive overhanging trees.

Gazing around from a central, rough-hewn piazza the incredible detail of the set begins to emerge. Dwellings are carved into the rock face, some grand, some squalid; a timbered balcony overhangs the main street and flaming torches flicker in the undergrowth. Half-hidden doorways disappear into shadow and lighted windows glow high up on the towering cliffs.

At one end stands a fortress, its entrance a crack in the stone; at the other is a winding stairway leading up to the wooden pens of the slave market. It’s part King Louie’s Monkey Temple, part Colonel Kurtz’s compound from Apocalypse Now. In short, another beautifully realized mixture of magic and terror from arch visionary Tim Burton.

This is the largest of the indoor sets built for Burton’s quasi remake of Planet of the Apes. Stages elsewhere in the city house a swathe of jungle terrain and the interior of a space station. Shooting at Lake Powell in Arizona (a location used in the original film) has already been completed, and when Ape City is evacuated, cast and crew are headed for the California high desert.

With a platoon of gorilla soldiers hunting the streets for a band of escaped humans (lead by marooned astronaut Mark Wahlberg and rebellious chimp Helena Bonham Carter) there’s ample opportunity to appreciate fx legend Rick Baker’s stunning ape make-up.

"I was obsessed with apes even before the original movie came out," says Baker, who also provided the simian stars for Gorillas in the Mist and Mighty Joe Young, "so even though I was determined I wasn’t going to do any work for a year, when this came up I thought: Tim Burton; Planet of the Apes. I have to do this. The original film inspired a whole generation of makeup artists, and I’m hoping we can achieve the same with this one."

Judging by his handiwork, you can easily believe it. The articulation in the faces of the lead apes is astonishing, each one has its own personality. That doesn’t come easily of course – four hours in the makeup chair for anyone seen in close-up. It’s an ordeal Helena Bonham Carter has to undergo every day, starting a 2:00 am and finishing at 6:00 when she’s due on set. Still, she exacts her revenge later.

"I shouldn’t be doing this of course," she says, blowing cigarette smoke through her cute little chimp nostrils (which is just as bizarre a sight as it sounds). "I’m extremely flammable and Rick gets terribly upset." From two feet away, she is completely unrecognizable beneath her mask. "My mum thinks I look like my aunt," she says, fingering her snout.

On this set, the marvelous anachronisms that abound when you get a glimpse behind the scenes are magnified ten-fold. During a rehearsal for one scene, the gorilla search party marches up the steps to the slave quarters, banging their staffs rhythmically on the ground as they go. Their leader seems to be chanting some kind of menacing ape mantra. As they approach, it turns out he is actually maintaining order in the ranks by singing Queen’s We Will Rock You.

January 9, 2000 (From Variety)

Fox Goes 'Ape' with Merchandising

By Dana Harris

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Twentieth Century Fox hopes its big summer picture ``Planet of the Apes'' will generate a lot of monkey business in the merchandising world.

Together with toy manufacturer Hasbro and specialty marketer Applause, the studio has unveiled a major marketing push for the Tim Burton epic.

The program, which will be launched at New York's Intl. Toy Fair (Feb. 11-15), is expected to generate revenues for the studio along the lines of those for other Fox event titles such as ``Independence Day'' or ``X-Men.''

Hasbro will unveil a line of action figures and collectible toys at the Toy Fair, and will ship them to retailers just before the film's July release.

Dark Horse Comics will publish ``Planet'' comic books and graphic novels, while Buster Brown will produce footwear. In addition to traditional products such as lunch boxes, posters, knit caps, trading cards, T-shirts and backpacks, the ``Planet'' line will also include dioramas, inflatable furniture, scooters and scooter heads, underwear, clocks and shower caps.

The picture, which began shooting Nov. 6, is expected to wrap in April. Mark Wahlberg, Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Clarke Duncan star.

January 8, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: A local reliable source claims to have just confirmed that George Clooney will indeed be in the 'Apes' movie but in the form of an uncredited cameo as one of the ape army generals rallying the troops.

January 8, 2001 (From Ain't It Cool News)

Jason joins the hunt in PLANET OF THE APES, plus additional info about those pictures!

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest rumor from the great folks at Diabolical-Dominion.Com have come in with a rumor about a certain genre badass and certain hairy flick. The results might surprise ya a bit though... and after that, more on those PLANET OF THE APES pics that Moriarty posted....

Hey Harry!

We've got word at The Diabolical Dominion that Kane Hodder (of FRIDAY THE 13th fame) is set to have a role in Tim Burton's new remake "Planet of the Apes"! Hodder is reportedly playing a human, but the role is still unspecified at this time.

Most would assume that Hodder, who is used to being under massive amount of make-up and is one of The United States foremost stuntmen, would be cast as a hunking ape warrior. However, the word now seems official that we'll get to see Kane without a mask this time. When more info comes in on this one, we'll be sure to let ya know about it asap!!!

Best wishes-
The Diabolical Dominion

Alright folks, Harry here again.... The AMERICAN MULE pics were pretty scary... One I thought the lighting on those pics was TERRIBLE.... two there were some evidence that made me feel the make-up work might be preliminary... and from a featured extra on set... we seem to have it confirmed a bit here. Though she does tell our guy that the costumes are pretty accurate... and the armor was the part that I had the oddest reaction to. I really wish I was seeing that armor in the context of the world that Burton is creating for them. And that's my hope, that when it all comes together... I'll love it... but for now, I feel the exact same way as when I got those X-MEN photos last year.... It looked scary... looked a bit cheesy... and I was just hoping that it would work in the context of the film.... it did. Let's hope the same is true here....

H.G. Wells here. A friend of mine is a featured extra on Apes (she plays one of the human captives), and has been on set for about 2 weeks now. Here's what she has to say on the photos:

"The costumes are pretty accurate, but the faces are probably first stage of the makeup renderings. I can assure you and anyone concerned that the photos on the website do not do justice to the amazing makeup that has been appearing on the set. I truly feel as if I'm working in some sort of zoo with the amazing authenticity that Rick Baker has brought to the look of the apes. Not to mention the articulation in the masks of the principal characters. (Attar especially)"

There you have it. Straight from the apes' lair. Now if she can just get onto the Spidey set...

H.G. Wells

January 5, 2001 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: Move over teaser poster. American Mule, the guys who scored all those "Josie & The Pussycats" pics the other day, have landed the biggest scoop yet it seems on Tim Burton's 'Apes' remake - nice, studio lit posing shots of actors in full ape makeup and costume. The outfits match the recent shots of make-up less extras - trouble is the color scheme is, well 'bleeeeh!!' best sums it up under the direct lighting (shots in daylight have the bright reds looking more like dirty browns). Still, something about the pics and the shots seems a little off - but check 'em out above and judge for yourself. The site will also be relaunching soon to include fresh scoops. Thanks to 'Adam.'

Webmaster Note: Click on the pic to see all the images on American Mule. We're really hoping that these are early test shots done before Baker came on board. "Cheesey" is the best word to describe them -- the make-up in the original film looked better.

December 29, 2000

Our New Year's Gift to You

Want a better look at the new poster? Loyal Reader Cliff sent us a photo he snapped of it at his local cineplex. We saw it last weekend, and the fuzzy version that appeared on Dark Horizons last week doesn't do it justice (though we commend them for being first). Why Fox hasn't released their own high-quality scan, we don't know. We're hoping their Internet marketing arm will kick into gear pretty soon. And where's that teaser trailer?

After seeing the poster, the sets, and some of the costumes, we have to admit we're getting pretty excited about this project.

Click on the thumbnail for the larger version.

December 28, 2000 (From Ain't It Cool News)

Coming Attractions lands Great PLANET OF THE APES scoop and pics!

Hey folks, Harry here.... Patrick and the crew of Coming Attractions have scored an awesome report with tons of pictures from the spaceship crash landing set of PLANET OF THE APES!!! This stuff is fantastic! Also, they have shots of some of the extras in the ape armor (but no ape make-up quite yet dangit, but stay tuned to Coming Attractions for what is sure to be some amazing scoops from this film. Way to go guys!

Webmaster Note: We couldn't have said this one better ourselves. Follow the above link or click on the image to view all the images at CA. Great job, Patrick!

December 26, 2000 (From Cinescape Online)

'Apes' Test Pictures

A number of shots from a Planet of the Apes make-up test have turned up online. Over the weekend, Ain't It Cool News scored a major coup with what looks like images grabbed from a video tape showing test make-up for Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake.

Webmaster Note: Actually, as you'll see in the updated AICN article, these are make-up tests done by Stan Winston, who was originally slated to do the make-up (during the James Cameron period of development). Click on the pic to see the full article on AICN. Great job, Harry!

December 24, 2000 (From the New York Times)

Going Ape By Amy Barrett 

It's easy to forget that we're primates -- which is why Hollywood directors hire coaches to help actors when they're making movies like ''Gorillas in the Mist,'' ''Congo'' and now ''Planet of the Apes,'' currently being shot in Los Angeles for a summer release. Tim Burton, who is remaking the 1968 science-fiction classic about a future in which evolved apes rule the world and humans struggle for survival, hired two such experts to make sure Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Roth and others authentically mimic the behavior of chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Here Terry Notary, the film's movement coach, and John Alexander, a consultant who worked with Notary before filming began, offer some insight into channeling the beast within.


To act like a big ape, Alexander suggests working from the outside in: ''If you can get the movement, the thought will come with it,'' he says. Notary prefers getting the frame of mind right first. ''Humans are so distracted,'' he says. ''Apes just focus. If they are eating a grape, they are into it. And when they are done, they go onto something else 100 percent. That's living moment to moment. Finding your inner ape is really, truly living.''


For a month and a half before shooting started, the ''Planet of the Apes'' actors attended what they called ape school on a Los Angeles sound stage outfitted with ropes, boxes, mirrors, play weapons and toys. Each day began with an hourlong yogalike stretch. Then they breathed from the center of their bodies. After that, they moved into ''first ape position'' (think ballet dancer): relaxed knees, weight transferred to the outsides of the feet for a bowed shape, head and hips pushed forward, shoulders dropped and arms slightly rounded, but relaxed and independent. (''These are appendages with a mind of their own,'' Notary observes.) From this stance the actors took their first ape steps. The trick is to keep your upper body still and let the legs move straight from the hips while the feet stay flat. Smaller steps give the illusion of shorter ape legs. Of course, not all apes are the same. Chimps are hunched over and move quickly. Gorillas stand upright, heavily. (''I tell them to feel like they are pulling a tow boat behind them as they are walking,'' Notary says.) And orangutans are slower and graceful.


Simian body movement is all the more important for those, like the ''Planet of the Apes'' cast, encased in costumes and prosthetics and heavy makeup, because facial expressions are somewhat muted. This can be a boon for would-be apes. Notary says of the actors' costumes: ''It's like dunking your head under water in the tub. And you can just kind of exit your body. I think it helps people find their inner apes.'' When they do, they should remember that apes are often more emotionally volatile than humans. That's why the actors' exercises at ape school included switching immediately from one emotion to another -- from, say, happiness to anger. -- Amy Barrett

(Thanks to Loyal Reader Brian for sending this to us).

December 18, 2000 (From Cinescape Online)

Baker Talks 'Apes'

Make up master Rick Baker has been talking about the massive job of making all those monkey faces for Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake.

While chatting with EW Online, Baker was asked about what we'll see in the coming film, which prompted him to answer, "Oh, boy, there's hundreds of apes to do. It's another enormous job with very little preproduction time. I really can't talk about it too much, but it's a more realistic approach [to the apes] than in the original movie. But they are still humanized in that they are biped, and they can talk."

Baker also talks about his one-time goal of making the ultimate ape suit as well as how he arrived at the Apes remake, saying, "I thought I was done making apes after 1988's Gorillas in the Mist. It was always my goal to do a gorilla that people wouldn't know from the real thing, so after that I said, 'Okay, I've accomplished that; it's time to move on.' But it's kind of like Christopher Lee saying he'll never play Dracula again. When I was approached about Mighty Joe Young, I had a real hard time turning that down. [The 1949 original] was always one of my favorite films. I did the Dino De Laurentiis version of King Kong in 1976 and was always disappointed because I wasn't able to do it as realistically as I wanted, and I thought this would be a good way to make up for that. And after that I thought, 'Okay, I'm DEFINITELY not gonna do any more.' And then Tim Burton called me. It was such a landmark makeup picture, and I just had the hardest time turning it down. I'm a big makeup geek and a big ape geek, and I just thought, I really have to do this."

December 18, 2000 (From Cinescape Online)

Shadix Talks 'Apes'

Actor Glenn Shadix (Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice) has been shedding some light on Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes production.

In an e-mail interview with the Tim Burton Collective website, the character actor relates the training involved in being one of the film's apes, saying, "Ape school is a trip. We stretch and warm up and then learn specific movements and posturing. I play an Orangutan and my posture and movement is different from that of a chimp or a gorilla. There is a lot of preproduction work with our make-up which includes personalized Ape dentures that require some getting used to as well as some work with how to handle props in an appropriately ape-like manner using our 'ape extremities.' We also spend time examining Ape psychology in terms of how it affects behavior and movement. There are trips to the Zoo and Lisa Marie just sent me some great video tapes of apes in the wild. Along with all the research comes making idiosyncratic choices for our individual characters. It's a great luxury to have such a formalized research and rehearsal period. Believe me, on most films you are left to your own resourcefulness so Ape school is a real treat for the actors."

Shadix also doesn't find the make-up sessions grueling. On the contrary, he says, "I have found it very relaxing for the most part. I actually fell asleep in the make-up chair the first day that the full make-up was applied. It takes a little over three hours with two make-up artists working. I have to say that the make-up designer Rick Baker and his team are the very best and they make the experience as pleasant as is humanly possible!"

(Thanks to Dark Horizons for leading the way!)

December 18, 2000 (from Dark Horizons)

FOX's Upcoming: Some really juicy stuff here from within the bowels of Murdoch's film company. Despite rumours of the three, FOX has only released on "Planet of the Apes" one-sheet so far - though that doesn't mean they're not coming it just means they won't be out till into the new year (will try to get confirmation either way this week). In any case the good news is the studio plans to do as much, if not more for the 'Apes' official site than they did with "X-Men".

December 17, 2000 (From Ain't It Cool News)

More inside info on the PLANET OF THE APES project

Father Geek here with a report from our man Flint about the PLANET OF THE APES flick. Wow, its funny how this stuff comes in. Yesterday I posted a story on this film, an hour later I updated it, then a couple of hours later I updated it again. Now I get this report from a longtime Hollywood spy. It completes the picture a little more, so Apes fans dig in... there is some fun stuff ahead...

Hey There, One of your favorite spies here with a report on the much debated makeup for Tim Burton’s new “Planet Of The Apes.” Hope you don’t mind me weighing in with some observations from a formerly top secret source I know.

A girlfriend of mine is one of the people connected to the video for a “behind the scenes” on the making of the movie which will no doubt air in different lengths and forms next year. (She’s speculating that with all the anticipation for this flick, Fox will probably broadcast a whole special comprised of this footage as well as interviews on their very own network around the time the film comes out.)

This digital footage is being kept under tight lock and key, but I was able to watch quite a sizable unedited portion that was shot at Rick Baker’s shop at her apartment the other night. Some of it was just handheld stuff, walking around showing countless people working on ape appliances. One guy was shown gluing hairs onto assorted arms and headpieces. It looked monotonous and tedious, and apparently the guy’s been doing it forever and going half nuts according to the group I was watching this with. (Incidentally, the makeup dude had real long hair of his own and is reportedly also part of a heavy metal band during his off hours.)

My galpal says that what’s going on at Baker’s place parallels the original workforce from the first “Planet,” which employed legions of troops to make monkeys out of men. She thinks the special will do some “side by side” comparisons, if the Burton camp allows it.

Obviously, security has also remained tight at the shop, so one funny story my amiga shared was that some crazy looking guy crashed Baker’s studio and was running all around making the whole crew nervous. The makeup crew assumed he was either an insane fan or even a homeless person. It turned out to be none other than Rick Baker in disguise, playing a practical joke on everyone for his birthday.

They’ve shot film of various lead actors going through their makeup rituals, but I didn’t get to see any of that since it wasn't being digitized I guess. I did see some shots of actors in their finalized ape makeup, and I must chime in that they certainly don’t improve on John Chamber’s original groundbreaking look.

In particular, I miss the extended “muzzle” from the original POTA flicks, even though what I’ve seen looks to allow the actors more “expression” in their features and articulation. These makeups do resemble more “natural” apes, than the quasi humanized “mutated” simians from the classic films.

My friend said that while it was discussed having extensive hydraulics and other advancements in these new makeups, it was ultimately deemed too time consuming and expensive to utilize, as well as unreliable… which seems a shame.

Tim Burton apparently wanted a “purist” approach to his apes, but my friend claims that any disappointment we might have with them purely on a visceral “first look” level will be lessened once we see them in action. She feels the makeup in general isn’t being done justice judged without the actors behind them. (she called Tim Roth’s work “inspired,” as well as a quite obvious homage to Roddy McDowell. She also offered that Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal is quite “out there.”)

One thing did impress me quite a bit. It was some “extended” arms some of the apes will be utilizing, along with some sort of “puppet monkey hands” attached at the end.

Shown worn on a few performers, it literally elongated their arms so that when they walked “slumped over” in primate fashion, they resembled “knuckle draggers” to coin my friend’s expression. The fingers respond in a very lifelike way, and can actually move and grip like real hands. Coupled with their choreographed movements, Tim Burton’s apes will definitely have a style of walking all their own. (She says they’ve got some great “B roll” shots of “ape actors” interacting with real monkeys, not a scene from the film but strictly more “behind the scenes” stuff of them goofing around, seeing if the actual chimps will bond with their ersatz counterparts.)

Finally, I asked my friend if she knew anything about the now infamous ending of this new version. She wouldn’t shed any light on that, but said there’s a significant amount of humor in this version, some of it along the lines of twisted “Mars Attacks” type stuff and that one particular “joke” will make anti-vivisectionists proud.

Anyhow, that’s about it.

Your Man,
Derek Flint

December 15, 2000 (From Ain't It Cool News)

Take a look around the PLANET OF THE APES set, plus added info

Well, Father Geek received this bit of news today, some of it good, some not so good. Of course keep in mind that seeing sets, costumes, makeup in person is never as nice as in a finished motion picture with all the special lighting and atmospherics added, not to mention CGI. The look of the film isn't what bothers Father Geek here. Burton will see to it that it looks and feels great. What worrys me are those comments about the script, hopefully Tim will work those problems out before all is said and done.

I love your site - and here's some interesting news for you and your readers about the new PLANET OF THE APES - or - as it's listed here on the Sony Studio lot --- THE VISITOR.

Stage 29 has an absolutely COLOSSAL set - it's known as the APE BASE CAMP (there are even signs outside the stage in the studio street that say that, in front of some of the make-up trailors. The set itself is literally the largest set I've ever seen. This is Sony's (formerly MGM's) biggest soundstage; it's the same stage where they built the giant miniature amusement park for Speilberg's 1941, which I used to walk around in when they were shooting here. Anyway, the Base Camp rises right up to the rafters - it's easily over 4 stories tall. It's actually a city 'built into the rock', like one of the famous American Indian dwellings built into sheer rock faces. Gray in color. Magnificent. Huge blocks of foamcore were used - they were carved by hand, assembled & glued onto the wooden scaffoldings, forming 'glacier-size' stone faces, complete with steps to walk up. It's literally built in 3 dimentions - so the camera can do a 360 degree turn if director Tim Burton wants to. Brush, plants & tree branches has been strewn throughout the setting to make it look absolutely real.

Now the the APES themselves. I've seen about 6 or 7 of the ape people. To tell the truth, the make-ups, while superbly (and realistically) done, are disappointing. The ape make-ups are nothing more than a standard gorilla or chimpanzee head sticking out of futuristic clothing. It's as if Rick Baker pulled a bunch of his great GREYSTOKE, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN ape masks/prostectics from the back of his shop, did some minor recycling, and threw them onto actors wearing clothes. There was No stylization, no creativity in the design of the make-ups. But don't blame Baker; Burton is directing the film, and the decision is his. It's going to be regular-looking apes and gorillas with moving mouths to voice the words.

Beyond that, this film's story will feature a revolt of the humans against the apes. The humans of the planet are actors in loincloth or pelt clothing, covered with lots of dirt & mud smears. Nothing to write home about.

Beyond that, one of my friends has talked with a (very important) production member on this film - sorry, I can't give out his name - this would embarrass him (not to mention, get him in a great deal of trouble), and he's 'way too near the top of this picture - but the man said that the script is really "not much, a real disappointment. It should have been better." He hoped Burton would get some kind of polish by the guys who worked at the 'tale end of the scriptwriting stage on SLEEPY HOLLOW' (perhaps he was referring to Tom Stoppard?). He did say that the writing of scriptwriting team of Konner and Rosenthal was "Mediocre. Totally uninspired. Forgettable dialogue."

Well, I hope you can use this. If you'd like me to find out more, let me know.


The Spy in Culver City

Father Geek back with some added info...

H.G. Wells here. I've been workin' overtime at the good ol' WB lot, and though we're done for X-Mas, I was contracted to work over at Sony for the next couple of weeks. This is fine by me, cuz I'm a huge Apes fan. Read the talk about the set... it is definitely impressive as defined in the article. A few more tidbits that you may or may not know (I'm holdin' onto the real good stuff for awhile... I don't wanna piss off Burton too much.):

Tim Roth is indeed playing Cornelius. He looks freakin' great in makeup, although your spy was correct- the actual makeup itself is pretty standard. But really, what can you do with monkey masks?

Nova (who still does not speak, apparently) has a family. Yep. Papa Nova, and Nova brother/sister (?).

More monkey-biz to follow...

H.G. Wells (aka Beppo the super-monkey)

Father Geek again with still more APES info...

I'm working on the film...WAY at the bottom. I'll be one of the Background apes. While I have not seen the set he described (yet), I did see some of the stages downtown at L.A. Center Studios. This is where I went to "Ape School". I'll talk about that in a second.

When I first approached the stages, several workers were unloading and categorizing large dry twisted trees. Standard Burton fare, but I love the look of it. I imagine him auditioning the dead trees, seeking the perfect dark and twisty curves. It looks inside like they are "foresting" the stages. Pretty cool, very Burton.

Then I went to ape school with 25 other extras. I'm an orangutan. There's gorillas, and chimps, too. We got a detailed class in wearing the costumes, including a demonstration with one of the "gorilla warrior" costumes.I thought the costume was pretty cool. a rich red armor. The helmet stretches back Alien style. It's a cool look.

The spy mentioned that the apes look just like apes, nothing special. It's true, but as it was explained to me, the idea is that they are very much more apes than the old school apes that are nearly human. These guys will be AGILE! they will leap from tree to tree and in battle, will be much more brutal and quick than the humans. Good luck Humans!

We were trained in ape movement by a talented guy whose name escapes me(sorry). I do know that he worked on ape movement for Mighty Joe Young, Greystoke,...I heard many ape movie names rattled off. An acrobat from Cirque Du Soliel was his sidekick. We worked our asses off and I went home pretty wrecked. We shared the stage with the stunt crew. They were working out the leaping and attacking movements. A lot of very powerful ratchets, one which lifted a net that "scooped" to humans out of a crowd. Cool shit. enjoy,


December 15, 2000 (from Dark Horizons)

Planet of the Apes: A lucky streak on teaser posters it seems. "Harry Potter" international one sheet yesterday, today a first look at the US domestic teaser one-sheet for "Planet of the Apes". Not as clear a scan though, this is a webcam shot of it - the real life baby is now up on E-Bay apparently. Thanks to 'Hargon' and 'Chris'.

Webmaster Note: We're hoping a better copy and the teaser trailer appear online soon.

December 14, 2000 (from AOL's E! Online)

Gorillas in the Midst: There's a lot of monkey business going down on Sony's Stage 30, where a breathtaking desert valley has been created that spans floor to ceiling.

What's going on behind the closed doors?

It's the filming of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, which features an ending so top secret few connected with the project have even been allowed to read it. (I hear it contains a visual revelation as heart-stopping as that Statue of Liberty poking through the sand of the original.)

In case you can't wait for a peek at Burton's vision, the first Apes trailer could arrive in theaters as early as today. Here's some of what you can expect the notoriously cagey Burton to reveal:

Apes begins in the near future when a gorilla genetically altered for long-distance space travel is sent into the cosmos, where he falls into a time portal that transports him 2,000 years into the past. Mark Wahlberg plays an astronaut who somehow follows this craft into the same black hole.

Wahlberg crash-lands on a familiar-looking planet and discovers that the area where the simian touched down has been branded a holy land--the Forbidden Zone--and that this ape could be the missing link. His descendants revere him, which leads to the big question: Did humans evolve from apes or vice versa?

The gorillas in the film also promise to be less like humans in face masks and more beastly. They live in caves, walk with a Neanderthal hunch and give off a more savage vibe.

Yes, Charlton Heston will appear in a role that remains undefined. And yes, Wahlberg will have a hint of a relationship with Helena Bonham Carter's ape princess. But--sorry, Mark fans--Wahlberg will not do his work in a loincloth. He'll be decked out in a space suit for most of the film.

December 13, 2000 (from Coming Attractions)

In a recent interview with Fashion magazine's Leanne Delap, Estella Warren indicates that she's been "taking archery and bareback riding lessons" for her next role, that of a human warrior princess fighting the ruling monkey classes in Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes. "I've had the costume fittings. I wear a gauze dress. A very small gauze dress." [Scooped by 'Dice'; originally appeared in Fashion magazine.]

December 12, 2000 (from Dark Horizons)

George Clooney Talks: The Cloonster has just done a press junket for "O Brother Where Art Thou" and finally cleared up those rumours he'll be making a cameo in Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes" remake - "No, I think that's a made up rumor. That's the first I've heard of it". Meantime work on Clooney's next film is getting into full swing with the Associated Press reporting that the Atlantic City Convention Center will be hosting a casting call for the "Ocean's Eleven" remake at 10 a.m., Room 308, Atlantic City Convention Center, 2314 Pacific Avenue. Thanks to 'Jill' & 'Nick'.

For the previous history of the Apes Remake, go to our Remake News Archive Page 2 for news from 2/2000 through 11/2000. For news from 6/95 through 7/99, visit our first Remake News Archive.